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Inaugural Voyages: Expeditions

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VIKING’S NORTHERN ISLES ATLANTIC & EQUATOR SOJOURN Tromsø IRELAND Norwegian Sea Lofoten Reine Vaerøy Cork Shetland Islands (Lerwick) Lewis & Harris (Stornoway) SCOTLAND Iona Killybegs Inishmore IRELAND Dingle (Ventry Harbour) ENGLAND Cork Scilly Isles (Tresco) NORWAY N Cruise Overnight in Port BRAZIL Rio de Janeiro Atlantic Ocean Equator N Cruise TROMSØ TO CORK CORK TO RIO DE JANEIRO 13 DAYS • 4 COUNTRIES 15 DAYS • 2 COUNTRIES Trace the path of the Vikings on their journeys from Norway to the British Isles. From Lofoten’s jagged peaks, past the Shetlands and Hebrides to Ireland’s green shores, you will explore the distinctive flora and fauna of some of the region’s most unspoiled coastlines. Learn about the ancient civilizations that once inhabited these regions, and delight in the cultures and traditions of the present day. Complete two milestone crossings during a single journey, as you sail across both the Atlantic Ocean and the equator en route from Cork to Rio de Janeiro. A relaxing and enriching journey for the experienced cruiser, much of your route follows along the early trade routes between Europe and South America. LOFOTEN, NORWAY CORK, IRELAND 72 VIKING.COM

BRAZIL’S VIBRANT COAST CARIBBEAN CONNECTIONS Caribbean Sea Bridgetown BARBADOS New York, NY Îles du Salut FRENCH GUIANA Belém Atlantic Ocean USA Atlantic Ocean BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS Virgin Gorda BRAZIL Recife St. BART’S N Cruise Overnight in Port Salvador de Bahia Armação dos Búzios Rio de Janeiro N Cruise Caribbean Sea PUERTO RICO San Juan ST. LUCIA Soufrière Gustavia MONTSERRAT Little Bay BARBADOS Bridgetown RIO DE JANEIRO TO BRIDGETOWN 15 DAYS • 3 COUNTRIES Enjoy a tropical sojourn north along the Brazilian coast to Barbados on a journey dotted with vibrant cities, historic architecture, lush rainforests and powdery white beaches. From bustling Rio de Janeiro to notorious Îles du Salut, you will encounter a melting pot of cultures, rhythms and flavors that makes this region one of the most beloved places on the planet. BRIDGETOWN TO NEW YORK CITY 10 DAYS • 5 COUNTRIES See a new side of the Caribbean on board your expedition ship, where each day brings a new island and a new adventure. Explore tropical reefs by kayak, see marine animals in their natural habitats and learn about the local history and cultures on engaging shore excursions. Onboard lectures by our expedition experts enrich your knowledge and understanding. RECIFE, BRAZIL CARIBBEAN SEA FOR DATES & PRICING, CONTACT YOUR TRAVEL ADVISOR 73