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Inaugural Voyages: Mississippi

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THE UPPER MISSISSIPPI SOME OF THE MOST SCENIC STRETCHESof the Mississippi lie in the river’s upper reaches, where the waterway is wide and clear, and where the landscape is diverse. Here, you can admire the towering bluffs lining Minnesota, the rolling green farms of Wisconsin, the hills and caverns of Missouri, and amber waves of Iowa grain. AMERICANA AT ITS FINESTreveals itself here in dozens of small towns that boast historic architecture and warm, neighborly main streets. Choose to explore the charming local shops of Red Wing. Peer into the workings of family farms in Iowa. And celebrate musical genres from rhythm-infused ragtime to lively polka. FEEL THE CURRENTS OF HISTORYas you explore the region, where Native Americans developed advanced societies. Consider the westward expansion of America at St. Louis’s Gateway Arch. Choose an optional excursion to learn about Mormon history in Nauvoo. Or take the opportunity to visit Taliesin, the private residence of Frank Lloyd Wright, the father of Prairie architecture. By journey’s end, you will gain a deeper and more nuanced appreciation for the pioneer spirit that was forged along the banks of the Mississippi. LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN 42 VIKING.COM

HIGHLIGHTS ON THE UPPER MISSISSIPPI Journey through the heartland of America THE UPPER MISSISSIPPI WAS ONCE AMERICA’S GREAT FRONTIER,a water boundary whose fertile banks supported Native Americans, westward pioneers, immigrant farmers, visionary entrepreneurs and many others. See the scenic landscape that served as the backdrop for trade and innovation for thousands of years. MAIN STREET, USA Discover charming small towns with picturesque streets and welcoming Midwestern hospitality that will make you feel at home. HEART OF AGRICULTURE Learn how the nation is fed at family farms where your hosts demonstrate their daily work and share the fruits of their labor. MUSIC Listen to America’s soundtrack — be it Scott Joplin ragtime, Albert King blues, the rock of Chuck Berry or a Wisconsin polka. SCANDINAVIAN HERITAGE Enjoy Nordic cuisine and crafts from descendants of the Scandinavian immigrants who chose the Midwest as their home. MARK TWAIN Visit Twain’s hometown, Hannibal, Missouri, a real-life journey through the pages of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. WILDLIFE From your stateroom and on nature walks and other activities, watch for bald or golden eagles, river otters and Canada geese. CONTACT YOUR TRAVEL ADVISOR 43