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Vinexpo Daily 2019 - Day 1 Edition

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REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT: ASIA VINEXPO SHANGHAI WILL COMPLEMENT OUR SUCCESSFUL HONG KONG EXHIBITION AND TAKE US A STEP FURTHER IN PENETRATING DEEPER INTO THE CHINESE MARKET Vinexpo Launches Shanghai Exhibition New event coincides with wine consumption boom in China CHINA MARKET TO HIT US$ 19.5 BN BY 2022 FORECASTS VINEXPO/IWSR REPORT US$ 207 BILLION Global consumption of still and sparkling wine is forecast to reach by 2022 for total volume of 2.7 billion 9L cases, (Vinexpo/IWSR wine and spirits report). “DRINK LESS BUT BETTER” Driven by this trend, value outstripped volume growth across all regions. This is particularly evident in Asia-Pacific. The first ever Vinexpo Shanghai will take place from October 23-25, 2019 at the prestigious Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC). A biennial event, the new mainland Chinabased exhibition will be a key pillar in Vinexpo group’s global expansion strategy. Alongside Vinexpo Hong Kong, it also crystallises Vinexpo’s ambition to be present in China every year. Commenting, Christophe Navarre, President of the Vinexpo Supervisory Board, said: “For 37 years, the Vinexpo brand has raised the profile of the wine and spirits sector around the world, becoming the sector’s international partner. Vinexpo Shanghai will complement our successful Hong Kong exhibition and take us a step further in penetrating deeper into the Chinese market.” The establishment of a new Vinexpo event in Shanghai correlates with the remarkable growth of wine consumption in China, with the market set to increase by over a third to nearly bn over the 2016-2021 period – as revealed in the latest Vinexpo/IWSR Report released last year. This will make China the second most valuable market by 2021 behind the US. The decision to locate the new exhibition in Shanghai reflects the fact that the city is a key import destination for wine and spirits producers worldwide. Vinexpo’s aim is to create new development solutions for its clients through the Group’s 20-year experience in Asia-Pacific, and by continuing its recent Chinese e-commerce partnership with leading Asian e-retailer, Alibaba. The launch of Vinexpo Shanghai has been welcomed by leading players in the domestic market, who will have opportunities to do business, network and stay ahead of industry trends via meetings, tastings and masterclasses. Betty Cheng, Director of Alcohol, Tmall Alibaba said: “We are thrilled to join Vinexpo on their newest project in Shanghai. Our first collaboration with Vinexpo on Tmall Wine’s New Retail, to showcase future ideas relating to Tmall’s concept of Future Bars in Hong Kong, was a great success. We will continue to work with Vinexpo to promote the Tmall Wine New Retail Concept globally” CHINA WILL OVERTAKE FRANCE BY 2020 as the second most valuable market in the world for wine. US$ 19.5 BILLION is the predicted value the Chinese market is forecasted to hit by 2022. 90% OF CONSUMPTION is from locally made spirits account worldwide but international spirits are eroding this share, especially in China (baiju) and Asia-Pacific (cane, brandy and rum). ALL PREMIUM-PLUS SPIRITS are forecast to grow over the next five years,especially in the USA and China. The Vinexpo / IWSR report will be presented at a dedicated conference during Vinexpo Bordeaux 26 VINEXPO DAILY / DAY 1 / MONDAY 13 TH MAY 2019

© Les Williams HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WHERE TO GO IN Bordeaux CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE A world to discover at Cité du Vin Philippe Massol General Director, La Cité du Vin Philippe Massol, General Director of the Cité du Vin, on why anyone in the world of wine needs to find time to visit and explore the Cité du Vin. What was the overall objective of La Cité du Vin when it was created? When we started this project, we wanted to give Bordeaux something it didn’t have - a location dedicated to wine. Although Bordeaux was known for its wines all over the world, there wasn’t a place really dedicated to wine in the city centre. We chose to focus on the culture of wine. We’ve always kept this objective in mind both when developing the project and in the first three years since it has been open. La Cité du Vin has become one of the places you can’t miss in Bordeaux. How have you achieved that? The keys to our success have been the diversity of our content and the quality of the activities we offer our visitors. It’s, at the same time, a cultural facility, a tourist site and a place to share with Bordeaux residents. Between the permanent exhibition, the temporary ones, the tasting workshops and the cultural events, there is always something going on at La Cité du Vin. You have partnerships with about 50 wine regions in the world. How do you work with the global wine industry to promote La Cité du Vin? Our partners are our best ambassadors! Since the beginning of the project, it was clear for us that La LA CITÉ DU VIN IS LIKE OPENING THE DOOR TO VINEYARDS ALL OVER THE WORLD, INCLUDING BORDEAUX. Cité du Vin should be a place where wines from the whole world should be re-presented. That’s why we decided to establish partnerships with different regions. La Cité du Vin is an exceptional showcase for them, and they are proud to promote it. You have also become a major tourist attraction for overseas visitors. How have you achieved that? In recent years Bordeaux has become recognised as a trendy tourist destination. Many magazines, travel guides have put Bordeaux at the head of their rankings for key places to visit. It is also a city internationally known for its wines. So, it’s no surprise that visitors coming from all over the world also want to know more about wine. That’s what we offer them. La Cité du Vin is like opening the door to vineyards all over the world, including Bordeaux. Whether you’re already a wine lover, an expert or just curious, there is something for you to enjoy. VINEXPO DAILY / DAY 1 / MONDAY 13 TH MAY 2019 27

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