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I REGION I UNITED KINGDOM - USA IANGUS DUNDEEPRESENTS TOMINTOUL18-YEAR-OLDAngus Dundee haveannounced the releaseof this stunning newexpression in a beautifullydesigned presentationbox showcasing theCairngorms NationalPark, where the TomintoulDistillery is located.© Mike Groll/Office of Governor Andrew M. CuomoGovernor AndrewM. Cuomo discusses theFiscal Year 2019 StateBudget in the Red Roomat the State Capitol.Exporting to 80 countriesworldwide, Angus Dundeehas two single maltdistilleries: Tomintoul:situated in the prestigiousSpeyside Glenlivet regionand Glencadam in theEastern Highlands ofScotland. They also have abottling plant in Coatbridgenear Glasgow.Tomintoul Distillery’sMaster Distiller, RobertFleming said “I amabsolutely delighted torelease this new expressionfrom our distillery in theheart of the Cairngorms.It perfectly represents theunique style of TomintoulSingle Malt, with itscomplexity, smoothnessand superb balance”PAVILLON 7.2 / STAND S312Reforms announced forNew York’s antiquatedlicencing laws for craftbeveragesGOOSEBERRYFLAVOURED GIN FROMWHITLEY NEILLThe UK’s premium ginbrand Whitley Neill, haslaunched a limited-editionGooseberry Gin – just intime for Vinexpo Paris.Expected to be a bigseasonal hit this Spring,especially for gifting atValentine’s Day this week,and a little later forMother’s Day, WhitleyNeill Gooseberry Ginis the brand’s firstlimited-editionexpression.It showcases theNeill family’s legacyof experimentingwith exceptionalflavours, sourcedfrom all overthe world to createdistinctive and intriguingspirits. Celebrating theflavoursome fruit ofthe British countryside,Whitley Neill GooseberryGin delivers aromas ofcinnamon, fresh pearand apple on the nose,complemented perfectlyby undertones ofvanilla and whitepepper, for a wellroundedfinish, withhints of sweetnessand spicePAVILLON 7.2STAND V310New York state Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has unveiled the19 th proposal of the 2020 State of the State - growing New York'scraft beverage manufacturing industry by reforming antiquatedprohibition-era laws, removing barriers to new investments.The Governor's proposal will makeit easier for movie theatres to sellalcoholic beverages, giving them morerevenue and craft producers additionalretail outlets; and modernise New York'sAlcoholic Beverage Control law to helphigher education institutions train thenext generation of the craft beverageworkforce."New York's craft beverage industryis flourishing thanks to eight years oftargeted investments and forwardthinkingpolicies that are attractingnew businesses and supporting ourbooming tourism industry," GovernorCuomo said. "This measure willremove outdated Prohibition-erarules that hamper private sectorinvestment, ensure we're training thenext generation of workers in a criticalindustry and give more New Yorkers theopportunity to responsibly enjoy a drinkat the movies."The Governor proposes amendingNew York's Tied House Law, an arcaneprovision of the Alcoholic BeverageControl – or ABC – Law that makesrelocating to or opening or investing in abusiness in New York needlessly difficult.Prohibition-era Tied House Laws areintended to prevent manufacturersor wholesalers from having undueinfluence over a retail business thatsells beverages directly to consumers.New York's law, on the books since1933, prohibits all such retailer andmanufacturer/wholesaler relationships,and is even stricter than long-standingfederal law, which provides discretion byanalysing the details of the relationshipwhen there is a partial ownership stake,and allows such a relationship whenownership is total.New York now ranks in the top five inthe US for its number of craft beverageproducers in every category. The stateranks first in US for the number ofhard cider producers, second in craftdistillers, third in breweries, and fourthin the country for the total number ofwineriesPAVILLON 7.1 / STAND F5414 • VINEXPO DAILY • MONDAY 10 TH FEBRUARY

ADVERTORIALI REGION I USA I© Ashton WorthingtonSam Filler & Paul BradyNew from New York WinesNew York Wine and Grape Foundation presents newFinger Lakes wineries in ParisThe New York Wine & Grape Foundation is welcomingFinger Lakes winery representatives from Anthony RoadWine Company, Sheldrake Point Vineyards, and Nathan KWines, as guest presenters to the New York Wines booth atVinexpo Paris.Also pouring at the New York Winesbooth will be sommelier and NewYork Wines Brand Ambassador PaulBrady, recently recognised by WineEnthusiast Magazine as one of theirtop 40 Under 40 Tastemakers, aswell as Paulo Hernandez de Toledo, ofnewly established RGNY Vineyards,on Long Island’s North Fork.Featured wines will include arazor-sharp Riesling and unoakedChardonnay from Anthony Road,flagship white grapes of the FingerLakes and both available in WesternEurope; dry rosé of Cabernet Francand Gamay Noir from SheldrakePoint, both darlings of the New YorkCity sommelier community; stillPinot Noir and sparkling Catawbafrom Nathan K., the former alreadyavailable in the UK and Norway; anda Bordeaux style blend from RGNY,the regional focus of Long Island; andmany more wines from many morewineries.“I’m truly excited to be presentingwith this group at Vinexpo Paris,”notes Brady, New York Wines BrandAmbassador. “I learned to appreciatewine as a teenager while living inParis with my family during two veryformative years, so it feels full-circleto be able to come back to share thewines of my home state of 11 yearsnow, which are so important to me,and simply world class.”New York State has been home togrape growing and wine makingfor over 200 years. The glacialgeology of our state is what makesgrape growing possible here, andthe success of the New York wineindustry has largely been attributedto a long line of dedicated native NewYork growers and winemakers andwinemakers from Europe partneringto combine old-world tradition withnew world innovation.In 1934 as Prohibition ended, CharlesFournier, former chief wine makerand production manager at VeuveCliquot, was invited to the UrbanaWine Company in the Finger Lakesregion of New York, to help revivetheir winemaking and the industry ingeneral. His expertise and willingnessto make quality sparkling wine from“I LEARNED TOAPPRECIATE WINE ASA TEENAGER WHILELIVING IN PARIS (...)SO IT FEELS FULL-CIRCLE TO BE ABLETO COME BACK TOSHARE THE WINESOF MY HOME STATE"PAUL BRADYlabrusca and French Americanhybrids did just that and, along withpeers like Dr. Konstantin Frank andHermann J. Wiemer, established NewYork for their ability to make fi newine from vinifera grapes as well.Today native born New YorkerNathan Kendall, owner of the NathanK, Hickory Hollow, and the chëpìkawine brands, is finding equal acclaimfor wines made from vinifera as wellas those made from North Americanlabrusca grapes.Visitors are invited to visit the NewYork Wines booth and experience avariety of Nathan K wines, and otherexamples of wine from the FingerLakes and Long Island two of themost prominent winemaking regionsof New York StatePAV 7.1 / STAND F54VINEXPO DAILY • MONDAY 10 TH FEBRUARY 2020 • 15

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