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A first this year, the

A first this year, the area is dedicatedto spirits and will boast a 50m bar withsome 20 mixologists coming from themost prestigious bars and hotels in Paris.The event welcomes professionalsfrom across the industry: importers,distributors, major buyers, specialistmedia, major e-commerce brands suchas Alibaba, travel retail, restaurant chains,and duty freeADVERTORIALDelord, a traditional ArmagnacAn Armagnac traditionthat has thrived throughfour generationsArmagnac Delord, based in the attractive village ofLannepax in southwest France, uses traditional grapevarieties and methods of distillationThrough four generations, and well over acentury of fascinating history, the Delordfamily have been producing Armagnacunder their own name.The family’s 45-acre vineyard, located in thepretty village of Lannepax in Bas-Armagnacin the southwest of France, is dedicatedexclusively to the production of Armagnac.The four grape varieties traditionallyassociated with Armagnac are grown here:Ugni-blanc, Colombard, Baco and Folleblanche.At the family’s distillery in Lannepax,Armagnac Delord is one of the few Armagnachouses to use two methods of distillation.These methods are continuous distillation,which uses alembics with “spider plates”,a method that is ideal for the productionof old Armagnacs, and double distillationto produce fruity eaux-de-vie for youngArmagnacs.The cellars have more than 1,000 barrels anda dozen French oak tanks. It is long ageing inoak that gives the family’s Armagnacs theircolour and complexity. The oldest vintagesare kept in bonbonnes, a special type ofglass jar, which are protected from the lightin a room called “Paradise”.The story of Armagnac Delord can be tracedback to Prosper Delord, a travelling distillerwho settled down and founded ArmagnacDelord in 1893.The family feels great pride over the specialqualities of its Armagnacs, which arepresented for sale in beautiful iconic bottles.The older Armagnacs express their subtlety,finesse, richness and character eitheralone or with a desert. The younger ones,meanwhile, can be enjoyed as an aperitif, onice or in cocktails.Visitors to the Armagnac Delord stand atVinexpo Paris have the chance to tastesome of the company’s products, includingthe 1990, a vintage single cask 48.7, theL'Authentique, a cask strength, and Blanched'Armagnac, a 100% Colombard doubledistilationPAV 7.2 / STAND V3196 • VINEXPO DAILY • MONDAY 10 TH FEBRUARY

ADVERTORIALIT'S THE SAMEEVERYWHERE - PEOPLEWANT TO TRY NEWTHINGS, THEY WANTTO EXPERIENCE NEWFLAVOURS.Vincent AssieRegional Manager Western Europe,Halewood Wines & SpiritsHalewood in good spirits asthe buoyant artisanal market leadsto rapid growthAs the artisanal spirits and craft beers markets growapace, the UK-based Halewood Wines and Spiritsis expanding worldwide with brands that are provingpopular with younger people in particular.From Crabbie's Ginger Beer to VestalVodka, from Dead Man's Fingers Rum(in multiple flavours) to Pogues IrishWhiskey, Halewood is striking a chordwith the public - and the companyis looking to form partnerships withnew importers and distributors tohelp it keep up the momentum.It has taken Halewood little morethan four decades to go from beinga start-up to becoming one of theUK's largest independent drinksmanufacturers and distributors.Still run by the Halewood family, thecompany now sells more than 10million cases annually and exports toover 90 countries.Thanks to organic growth andacquisitions, the past three years inparticular have seen rapid growth,with production tripling and thecompany significantly increasing itsmanagerial strength across Europeto cater to markets including France,Italy, Spain and Poland.As part of its expansion drive,Halewood is increasing its visibilityby taking part in trade shows inmultiple European countries."It's a key focus to be present andto make much more noise in themarket. We need to be closer to ourimporters and distributors to developour brands," said Vincent Assie, thecompany's regional manager forwestern Europe.Halewood now employs more than1,000 drinks specialists worldwideand has invested in new distilleriesand craft breweries."I am part of Thibault Feniou's,Managing Director Europe, brandnew team for Western Europe. Fromtwo people in charge of the duty freeand domestic markets, I am nowmanaging four people in WesternEurope and we will continue to growour team," said Assie. The companyhas a dozen distilleries, most inthe UK but with others in Australia,Russia and South Africa, plus twocraft breweries in England. It also hasmany of its own bars, including theLiverpool Gin Distillery and severalothers in the UK, along with venues inSt Petersburg and Bangkok.Assie is particularly excited aboutthe prospects of Dead Man's FingersHemp Rum, which is one of severalrums in the Dead Man's Fingersrange (the others are Spiced Rum,Coffee Rum and Coconut Rum).Halewood is constantly innovating itsproduct offer."We are the first major spiritcompany to launch a CBD rum: DeadMan's Fingers HEMP. We believe it'sgoing to be the next big thing in theindustry," said Assie."It's the same everywhere - peoplewant to try new things, they want toexperience new flavours"PAV 7.2 / STAND R214PAV 7.2 / STAND V310UK #1SELLINGPREMIUMGINAmong them is Whitley NeillGin, the most successfulpremium gin range in the UKin the past three years, andMarylebone Gin, a superpremiumgin from Johnny Neill,which traces its distilling historyback eight generations to 1762.OUTLETSAll Halewood's bars offer greatexperiential opportunities andin the larger ones, the companydistils on the premises. Bothtrade and consumers canvisit and join a gin or rumprogramme where they candistil their own gin or rum.VINEXPO DAILY • MONDAY 10 TH FEBRUARY 2020 • 7

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