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I TRADE TALK IPRESS CORNERAubreyTerrazasWine Buyer, Palate ClubKeeping a close eyeon fizz - and muchelsePatrick Schmitt, Editor-in-Chief of TheDrinks Business and a Master of Wine, willbe looking out for the latest industry newsat this year's Vinexpo Paris. We asked himto tell us about the connectionsthat the world of winecreatesFor Palate Club's Aubrey Terrazas, meeting people is thebest part of the job. We asked her to tell us a little aboutPalate Club and her day-to-day role.I’m the creative director and winebuyer. In addition to finding wines forour portfolio, I manage content and thebrand's voice. Finally, I work directlywith our lead data scientist to buildour algorithm, which matches wine tocustomers' palates. We work togetherto translate wine traits, which can bevery subjective, to measurable data.We've identified over 200 traits foundin wine, but we arecontinuously improvingthe algorithm based onour learnings.Are there any trends interms of the wines thatmembers of PalateClub are drinking?Surprisingly, our mostpopular wines tend tobe ripe Old World wines,such as Châteauneufdu-Pape.We expectedour customers to lean towardsAmerican or New World wines. What'smore, many of the high-acid, lightbody wines that we love as sommeliersscore very low with customers. Overall,reds tend to be rated more highly thanwhites.What do you enjoy about working inthe wine industry?WINE IS MEANTTO BE SHAREDAMONG PEOPLE,TO CREATECONVERSATIONI love how it connects people. Wine ismeant to be shared among people,to create conversation. It brings outmemories of travel and meals, creatingnostalgia and immediate relatability tosomeone with whom you're sharing aglass. Meeting people is my favoritepart of my job.What are you looking to achieve atVinexpo Paris?I’m looking for a diverseselection of wines forfuture imports and tomeet people makingan impact in our field.At Palate Club, we needto represent a wideexample of styles toaccommodate manypalates.What are your secretsfor getting the best outof a busy Vinexpo?Planning. I make notes of which areasI’d like to explore and have meetings. Itreat it a bit like a trip to Disney World; Iplan to stay within one or two "worlds"each day and plan to visit high-trafficareas at the start of my day. I liketo finish with bubbles - that's myequivalent to fireworksOur website is an extension of The Drinks Businessmagazine, which serves the trade with independent,expert news and commentary. Our online offering is farmore immediate – we run originally sourced stories andbreaking news hourly, and provide a free daily e-letter.What are you looking for at Vinexpo Paris?I'm primarily looking for stories, but also to re-establishcontacts, meet new people, and catch up with peers.We have a stand at the fair, and are using this to launcha new printed product, a list of 100 top winemakers for2020, based on the results from our Global Mastersseries of wine tastings.What are they key wine/spirits trends you arefollowing?In wine, I’m focused on trends in sparkling wine,particularly Champagne and Prosecco, and English fizz.We also closely follow fast-growing if relatively nichesectors, such as CBD drinks or low/no alcohol winesand spirits. We are closely watching the rise of celebritybackeddrinks, the maturation – or saturation – of thegin sector, and the development of upmarket rosés.What are the industry’s biggest challenges andopportunities?Shifting to more sustainable business models is achallenge and an opportunity. And so is the trendtowards moderation by a younger generation. Moreimmediately, and in terms of challenges alone, tariffs ondrinks caught up in trade wars are a serious concern, asis social unrest.PatrickSchmittEditor-in-Chief,The Drinks Business8 • VINEXPO DAILY • MONDAY 10 TH FEBRUARY

I EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ILooking to developa more sustainableviticulturePhilippe SchausChief Executive Officer, Moët HennessyMoët Hennessy is hosting a series of discussions on how the wineindustry can become more environmentally sensitiveHere, Philippe Schaus, Moët Hennessy's CEO, describeshow the company's groundbreaking initiative at Vinexpowill bring together industry veterans and millennialswith the aim of creating a more sustainable future. Weasked him why he's dedicating a forum to sustainabledevelopment.Vinexpo brings the entire industrytogether and is a wonderful platformfor exchanging on all topics aroundthe wines and spirits business. As wehave been putting more efforts onsustainable development over thepast years, we are taking advantageof this Vinexpo edition to bring morefocus on this important topic. We’reopening the doors of our booth toindustry fellows and to all thosewho wish to contribute to creating asustainable viticulture.For how long have you beencommitted to sustainability?Each of Moët Hennessy's Maisonshas been committed to sustainabledevelopment for several years. Fiveyears ago, Moët Hennessy decidedto bring together experts from all ofits Maisons to build a project with anoenological committee.This committee consists of 40contributors and experts whoorchestrate the sharing of knowhowacquired on the terroirs of theMaisons globally. This approachhas translated into concreteactions: significant investmentsin equipment that respect theenvironment, better management ofour resources, training winemakersand farmers in new technologies andsupporting them in the certificationprocesses. We also provide supportfor scientific and university projectsaround sustainable development. Allthese activities have been regroupedwithin Moët Hennessy under onecommon platform: “Living Soils”.What topics will the series of panelsat the stand cover?Over the course of the three days,there will be a series of succinctdiscussions around the transmissionof preserved and healthier lands tothe next generation.We have invited a communityof experts: vineyard directors,researchers, sommeliers,spokespeople from internationalinstitutions, NGOs, and youngcompanies specialasing intechnology and sustainability. Theprogramme of our talks addresseschallenges facing the wine andspirits industry: How to maintainproduction while adapting to climatechange? Which options does thesector have to preserve our mostprecious resource: living soils? Whatdoes optimal water managementlook like? How are wines and spiritsparticularly affected by climatechange and biodiversity loss?How do you make room for the nextgeneration?On the last day of Vinexpo, I willhave the pleasure of participatingin an open discussion and answerquestions from millennials andstudents. Every day, students will alsoattend the panels and summarisethem in a white paper, lookingat future actions in sustainabledevelopment. We also decided tobring together leaders, millennials ofour Maisons, world renowned chefsand students from famous businessand culinary schools, to finish onan inspiring and visionary note byreflecting on the future of fine winingand dining17CONFERENCESIN 3 DAYSExperts from across the wineindustry, from vineyard directorsto sommeliers, from both MoëtHennessy's own Maisons andfrom elsewhere, will take part indiscussions on how productionmethods can evolve to preservesoils and biodiversity.MILLENNIALSJOIN THEDISCUSSIONRecognising their importancein shaping the future, MoëtHennessy will invite youngpeople to discussions over thecourse of Vinexpo, and, on thefinal day, to a forum with its CEO,Philippe Schaus, and workshops.WINEGROWINGCERTIFICATIONSUnder the "Living Soils" banner,Moët Hennessy will showcasehow its investments in newtechnology and equipment, andits support for groundbreakingresearch, will help to preservesoils.VINEXPO DAILY • MONDAY 10 TH FEBRUARY 2020 • 9

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