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I REGION I LATIN AMERICA ISOUTHAMERICA WELLREPRESENTEDAT VINEXPODomaines François Lurton hasmore than two decades of SouthAmerican history.While French wine producers will, of course,be the most heavily represented at VinexpoParis, there will be plenty of producerswith vineyards in other parts of the world –including South America.Among them is Domaines François Lurton,which can trace its history back to a companyformed in 1988 by the brothers François andJacques Lurton, two of the seven childrenof the well-known Bordeaux wine producerAndré Lurton.It is nearly three decades since the pairstarted consulting work in Argentina, andthey went on to set up a vineyard there in1996. The Piedra Negra estate is located inthe Uco Valley, widely considered to be one ofthe best wine-growing regions of the provinceof Mendoza.François has run the operation on his own forthe past 13 years, and under his guidance,the Argentine estate continues to thrive andis especially known for its Pinot Gris output.The name Chacayes, a premium wine fromthe estate, is now renowned.François Lurton has also been producing winein Chile for two decades, taking advantageof a stable climate and lack of disease. Theestate, named Hacienda Araucano, wascreated on virgin terroir a two-hour drivefrom the Chilean capital, SantiagoPAV 7.1 / STAND CD44Francois Lurton with his renowned ChacayesAs director of winemaking for Argentina's GrupoPeñaflor, Daniel Pi is responsible for annual wineproduction of more than 200m litres. He told usabout the diversity of South American wines andthe group he works for.Grupo Peñaflor is the largestwine producer and exporterin Argentina. It was foundedin 1914 and through the yearshas acquired a number ofwineries. Grupo Peñafloris 100% owned by theBemberg family, who havebeen developing business inArgentina since the mid-1800s,The wines represent the majorwine regions in Argentina andcovers a wide range of pricepoints from entry level toiconic wines. Its iconic brandis Trapiche, which was recentlynamed the New World Wineryof the Year in the 2019 WineEnthusiast Wine Star Awards,and is the only Argentine brandamong the top 50 World’s MostAdmired Wine Brands, accordingto Drinks International.What characterises SouthAmerican wines?The South Americanwinegrowing area is vast indiversity of landscape andspread. There are vineyards atTODAY SOUTHAMERICAN CUISINEIS RECOGNISEDAROUND THEWORLD, ANDSOUTH AMERICANWINES ARETHE PERFECTCOMPANION.more than 3,000 metres abovesea level and vineyards at just alittle above sea level. There areirrigated vineyards in desertconditions, and non-irrigatedvineyards in Brazil or BuenosDaniel PiDirector of winemaking,Grupo PeñaflorCelebratingthe diversity of ArgentinewinesAires or South Chile. SouthAmerica has an enormousarray of terroirs.Which trends in consumerpreference are affecting SouthAmerican wines?Today South American cuisineis recognised around the world,and South American wines arethe perfect companion. Thereis interest in new terroirs, andmore communication aboutthe place of origin. Not justgrape varieties, but blends andspecific terroir are catching theattention of consumers.What challenges andopportunities do you see in2020?Challenges centre on globalwarming. There is an increasein average temperatures andlimited water for irrigationdue to a lack of snow in themountains in winter. We alsohave to pay attention to tariffsand trade warsPAV 7.1 / STAND D4610 • VINEXPO DAILY • TUESDAY 11 ST FEBRUARY

© Emilio Del PradoWHERETO GO INPARISA chance to taste wine ina friendly and unhurriedatmosphereVertdeVin's evening tasting session for professionalswill showcase good quality but affordable wines fromaround the worldDozens of wines from severalcountries will be available forprofessionals to taste at a specialevening event being held duringVinexpo.iStock-by-Getty-Images-©-LukaTDBVertdeVin, the magazine and website for wineand spirits lovers, hopes the tasting will have afriendly and unhurried atmosphere that allowsparticipants to discuss the wines with thepeople who make them.A total of 30 winemakers from countriesincluding France, Italy, Portugal, the UnitedStates and Argentina will be showcasing severalwines each at the event.VertdeVin has organised similar tastings atprevious Vinexpo events, and these haveattracted as many as 200 people, includingsommeliers, wine buyers, wine buyers andother professionals in the wine trade."People can take time to ask questions of thewinemaker and not be stressed by the nextappointment," said Jonathan ChoukrounChicheportiche from VertdeVin.Choukroun Chicheportiche said there wouldbe "a few famous names" among the wines atthe event. However, he said it was also aboutpromoting wines that may not be well knownbut are both good quality and affordable."The quality of the wine will not be related to theprice. It's my way to show to the professionalthat you can find a very great wine with a veryreasonable price," he said."You don't have to pay a lot to have anexceptional wine."Each wine producer will have a table and willbe able to introduce four wines from theircompany. Red, white, sparking and fortifiedwines will be available to taste.Among those taking part are Vini Curto fromPiemont, Bulas from Douro and Porto, Domained'Entras from Gascogny, and Roger and DidierRaimbault from the Loire.The event is for wine professionals only andthose who would like to take part are asked toregister online.Today,6.30pm to 9pm> LOCATIONMercure Paris VaugirardPorte de Versailles Hotel,69 boulevard Victor,75015 Paris

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