Vinexpo Daily 2020 Day 2 Edition

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I PROGRAMME II NEWS ICAREER PATH: SOMMELIER4:00 pm - 5:00 pmLocation: PAV 7.2 - ROOM 2Free entranceHOW SUSTAINABILITY DRIVESCREATIVITY4:30 pm - 5:00 pmLocation: PAV 7.1 - STAND AC42Free entranceWINE MERCHANTS: WHICHASPECTS OF THE BUSINESSCAN BE LEVERAGED TO BOOSTTURNOVER?5:00 pm - 6:00 pmLocation: PAV 7.2 - ROOM 4Free entranceBE BRAND - GIN, BEHIND THESCENES OF A WHITE SPIRITTHAT FEATURES ON EVERYCOCKTAIL LIST5:00 pm - 6:00 pmLocation: PAV 7.2 - BE SPIRITSROOMFree entranceTASTINGTRE BICCHIERI LIVE IN PARIS2:00 am - 6:00 pmLocation: PAV 7.2 - ROOM 3Free entranceMASTERCLASSESCASK STRENGTH ARMAGNAC,THE WAY NATURE INTENDEDARMAGNAC TO BE TASTED10:00 am - 10:45 amLocation: PAV 7.2 - BE SPIRITSROOMBy registrationGET TO GRIPS WITH SAKE10:00 am - 11:00 amLocation: PAV 7.2 - ROOM 2Free entranceEXPLORING ARGENTINA'SDIVERSE TERROIRS: FROMTHE OCEAN TO THE HIGHMOUNTAINS10:00 am - 11:30 amLocation: PAV 7.2 - ROOM 1Free entranceSEMILLON: ONE GRAPE, THREESTYLES12:00 midday - 1:00 pmLocation: PAV 7.2 - ROOM 2Free entranceTHE FRESCOBALDI PHILOSOPHY:CULTIVATING TOSCANADIVERSITY1:00 pm - 2:30 pmLocation: PAV 7.2 - ROOM 1Free entranceBLIND TASTING: AROUND THEWORLD IN FIVE WHISKIES2:00 pm - 3:00 pmLocation: PAV 7.2 - ROOM 2Free entranceWHO ARE THE MÉDOCCRUS BOURGEOIS? NEWCLASSIFICATION REVEALEDON 20.02.20202:30 pm - 4:00 pmLocation: PAV 7.2 - ROOM 4Free entranceCORAVIN "DARE TO COMPARE",TASTE AND GUESS WHICH WINESHAVE BEEN ACCESSED WITHCORAVIN4:00 pm - 5:30 pmLocation: PAV 7.2 - ROOM 1Free entranceAir France has teamed up with, aleading wine sales platform, to offer "La Cave Air France".The company offers all passengers the opportunity tobuy French wines, champagnes and spirits from its owncellar, which was previously only served on flights and inits airport lounges.The website also proposes to extendthe travel experience, thanks to theWebzine, the digital magazine aboutgastronomy and La Cave Air France.Visitors to LaCave.airfrance.comcan discover the exclusive selectionsigned by Paolo Basso, who wasnamed world’s best sommelier in2013. Customers will also discoverspecial offers and invitationsto exclusive tastings, speciallyreserved for them.Clients can order the wines,champagnes and spirits servedWine enthusiasts can now enjoy Air France's La Cavefrom the comfort of their own homeAir France's cellar isnow available onlineduring their flight both on the groundand on board thanks to the AirFrance Connect connectivity offer.This is an ideal solution for directlyordering the wine that travellersenjoy at 30,000 feet and prolongingthe travel experience with Air Franceback homePAV 7.2 / STAND OQ379Meet Air France at Vinexpo Parisand run the chance to win a freeticket, every day at 4 pm (exceptWednesday, at 2 pm)4 • VINEXPO DAILY • TUESDAY 11 ST FEBRUARY

I NEWS ICome and trythe "World's Best Cognac"at Vinexpo ParisThe Ahoy gin byLucien BernardLucien Bernardto share its brandyexpertise at VinexpoFew brandy producers canmatch Lucien Bernard interms of history or output.Described as Europe's largest brandyproducer and the world's secondbiggest,the company was foundedmore than 90 years ago in Bordeauxand remains family owned and run.Lucien Bernard uses a diversity ofgrapes and ageing and distillationmethods to create what is describedas an almost infinite variety of tastes.China's growing middle class, whoenjoy aged Western wine spirits,and American consumers, who areincreasingly keen on crafted spirits,are two of the key groups taking to thecompany's brandy with enthusiasm.Meanwhile, mixologists are returningto the use of brandy to produce classiccocktails, with the likes of Sazerac andMint Julep originally brandy based.Connoisseurs seeking uniquepremium spirits are also said to bespurring demand.At Vinexpo Paris, a team from LucienBernard will hold a masterclassWednesday 12 February (10am -10.45am, Pav 7.2, Be Spirits room,by registration only) where they willdiscuss the product and markettrends with professionals from thespirits industry. Attendees will get thechance to taste a number of brandies,including some award winnersPAV 7.2 / STAND V370The single estate cognacproducer Domaines FrancisAbécassis is present atVinexpo Paris having won"producer of the year","world's best Cognac" and"Best XO" awards.Reflecting the quality of itsproduction, the "Producer ofthe Year" award came at theInternational Wine and SpiritCompetition (IWSC) in London2019. Meanwhile, the ABK6 XORenaissance cognac securedmedals for World's Best Cognacand Best XO at the World CognacAwards in 2019, among otherawards.There are four cognac brands,Leyrat, Riviseur, Grand Domainesand ABK6, which is a play on thefamily name and the signaturecognac. Domaines FrancisAbécassis also produces Ekissvodka. ABK6 is the signatureproduct, for which the cellarmaster has chosen the oldest andmost emblematic eaux de vie fromtheir estates.ABK6, which is available in morethan 30 countries, is describedas "aromatic and intense" with alightness of aroma. It is presentedin a slender bottle with squareshoulders in order, the companysays, to affirm its modernity, whilerespecting the tradition of thecognac.ABK6 XO Renaissance is an oldgold mahogany in colour and has arich aroma of soft spices, liquorice,orange peel and dried figs. The"exceptional, well-balanced taste"is a combination of flavours,including hazelnut, walnut, cedarwood and candied fruitsPAV 7.1 / STAND FH42The award winningAbk6 XO CognacVINEXPO DAILY • TUESDAY 11 ST FEBRUARY 2020 • 5

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