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Vinexpo Daily 2020 Day 2 Edition

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I EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW IWorking in the winetrade is the best job inthe worldAlexander MichaelsenProduct Manager for France, SouthAmerica and Eastern Europe,VinmonopoletAlexander Michaelsen, Product Manager forFrance, South America and Eastern Europe forOslo-based Vinmonopolet, enjoys meeting wineproducers and travelling to vineyards. Here hediscusses changes affecting the Norwegianwine market and tell us about his role withVinmonopolet.I am responsible for writingtenders for France, SouthAmerica and Eastern Europe,and they make up about 25percent of each launch plan. Inmy role as product manager, incooperation with my colleagues.It is also my responsibility toensure that we sell productsthat are certified as ethical,sustainable, organic andbiodynamic, and products thatare bottled in environmentallyfriendly packaging.What do you enjoy most aboutyour job?Well, having had wine as a hobbyfor the past 11 to 12 years, thechance to continuously keep upto date with what is happeningin the wine world, to meet agreat array of wine producersand, last but not least, to travelto both established and upand-comingwine appellations,makes my role at Vinmonopoletfeel like the best job in the world.What are the key industry andconsumer preference trendsaffecting your work?Historically the consumptionof wine in Norway was focusedon powerful wines with higheralcohol content, and on thevolume products with evenhigher residual sugar. We'veseen in the last 5 to 7 yearsa major change in demand,with a focus on lighter, softer,lower tannin and lower alcoholwines. Pinot noir and Gamayare grapes that are doing greatin our market nowadays. At thesame time, sparkling wines arecontinuing their growth, withCremant as the fastest-growingcategory, especially fromBurgundy and Bordeaux.I try to get the best out ofthis fair by making short andefficient appointments with theproducersWhat are you looking toachieve at Vinexpo Paris?I'm looking to discover valuein all price ranges, mainly fromcooler appellations, wineswith authenticity that can addvalue and/or depth to ourassortment.The chance to continuouslykeep up to date with whatis happening in the wineI TRY TO GETTHE BEST OUTOF THIS FAIR BYMAKING SHORTAND EFFICIENTAPPOINTMENTSWITH THEPRODUCERSworld, to meet a great arrayof wine producers and, lastbut not least, to travel to bothestablished and up-and-comingwine appellations, makes myrole at Vinmonopolet feel likethe best job in the world.What is the secret to gettingthe best out of a busy Vinexpo?Well, I don't think it's a secret,but I try to get the best out ofthis fair by making short andefficient appointments with theproducers I want to meet, and byclustering them by appellationor a common theme. At thesame time, I always put asidesome free time for tastings andfor interesting master classesVINMONOPOLETVinmonopolet, is a government-owned alcoholicbeverage retailer in Norway. The institutionwas founded in 1922 as the result of tradenegotiations with wine exporters, mainly inFrance. Vinmonopolet now has more than330 shops nationwide with more than 20,000products available.MILD & SPARKLINGIn the last 5 to 7 years a major change indemand, with a focus on lighter, softer, lowertannin and lower alcohol wines. Pinot noir andGamay are grapes that are doing great in ourmarket nowadays. At the same time, sparklingwines are continuing their growth10% OF ALL SALESARE ORGANICFrom 0.5m litres of organic wines sold in 2007,Norwegians now consume more than fivemillion litres a year. The average Norwegianwill spend somewhere around €13 for a bottleof wine.6 • VINEXPO DAILY • TUESDAY 11 ST FEBRUARY

I SPECIAL FEATURE I WINES IJean-Claude Masfocuses on quality inthe LanguedocThe owner of DomainesPaul Mas is looking toincrease the proportion ofpremium wines produced athis vineyards.Jean-Claude Mas inspecting his vineyardsA Languedoc native steeped inwinemaking, Jean-Claude Mas hascome a long way since he foundedDomaines Paul Mas from 35 hectaresof inherited family vineyard in 2000.Domaines Paul Mas is now madeup of 15 estates, all clustered withina one hour and 15 minute driveof the company headquarters inMontagnac, but showcasing theLanguedoc's different terroirs.It is perhaps no surprise that Mas,who was born in Beziers in 1964, hasbecome one of the Languedoc's mostrenowned wine producers. Aside fromhis family's deep winemaking history,he has studied business at universityand held a variety of commercialroles within the wine industry.His career before the formationof Domaines Paul Mas also helpedhim to hone his skills in oenologyand to gain a broad knowledge ofwinemaking by studying his family'sestate near Château de Conas.Although expert in all stages of thewinemaking process, Mas's skills asa blender are especially renowned,and it is his mastery of tasting thatis credited with his ability to put hisunique stamp on the 145,000 hl ofwine he produces annually.Like many other producers inLanguedoc, Domaines Paul Mas hastended to focus on more affordablewines, with the majority retailing forbetween 5 and 10 euros.However, Mas has more recentlyput his expertise to good use in thecreation of more upmarket wines.These are produced from the finestgrapes from three of Mas's estates,with Clos Astelia coming from Astelia,Laurinya from Château Lauriga, andSilenus from Domaine Silène.Mas's upmarket wines have enjoyedlong aging periods in tronconicwooden vats and, showing greatattention to detail, are presented inoriginal bottles that he designed.The aim is for these premium winesto account for one in five bottles fromDomaines Paul Mas, something thatwill help to consolidate the producer'sname in the long termPAV 7.1 / STAND F51Maison Bouey investsin the future as itprepares to mark200 yearsThe familyestatesNew technology and newpeople are helping the Maisonto move further upmarket.Next year, the premium wine producerMaison Bouey will mark 200 years offamily history in the production of itspremium wines.Far from resting on its laurels, afterseveral years of growth MaisonBouey has recently made significantinvestments in people, technology andfacilities as it looks to consolidate itsposition in the premium end of themarket.To that end, under its shareholderand president, Patrick Bouey, itsjoint shareholder and vice-president,Jacques Bouey, and its managingdirector, Stéphane Lefebvre, MaisonBouey has a three-year strategicplan involving investments in humanresources, industrial facilities and IT.ADVERTORIALIn parallel with this, Maison Bouey hasstrengthened its operational team tohelp the company develop its strategicmarkets (Europe, Americas, Asia) andits range of premium Bordeaux winesand Grands Crus Classés.The family has seven estates inMédoc, all committed to a "HighEnvironmental Value" (HEV) approachto winemaking, which covers areassuch as biodiversity conservation,plant protection, managed fertiliseruse and water resources management.Quality improvements in the family'svineyards have seen the estates earnexcellent scores from some of theworld's top critics, including WineSpectator and James Suckling.So all the signs are that the next 200years will be just as prosperous as thecompany's first two centuriesThe Maison Bouey team in the vineyardsThe Maison has invested €2.5m in newbottling lines and €600,000 in a newEnterprise Resource Planning.PAV 7.1 / STAND D39VINEXPO DAILY • TUESDAY 11 ST FEBRUARY 2020 • 7

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