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I SPECIAL FEATURE I WINES IInspirationin a bottleNew village winesfrom Marcel DeissDrawing idyllic scenes from his youth inspiredwinemaker Emmanuel Lesgourgues to createa brand new cuvee that is being launchedat Vinexpo Paris. Lesgourges drew a pass inthe Pyrenees called Marie-Blanque where heand his uncle had a memorable picnic thatincluded a bottle of his favourite Madiranwine.The image spurred him on to recreatea modern version of Madiran. The wineis made from the best Tannat grapesof Famille Lesgourgues' single estatevineyard in Madiran, south west France.After its launch, Marie-Blanque willappear at selected tastings acrossFrance, before debuting in export marketsincluding the United States, Canada, theUK and some Asian countriesPAV 7.1 / STAND FH42The new cuvée fromFamille LesgourguesThe Alsace winemaker is building newcuvees on a strong local tradition ofterroir.Tastings of three new village wines are on offer atthe Domaine Marcel Deiss stand at Vinexpo Paris,following the vineyard's expansion in 2017. The familywinery has also re-labelled its entire range of red andwhite wines, using images of medieval illuminations.The new dry white village wines of Ribeauville,Zellenberg and Riquewihr join the existing MarcelDeiss vintages of Bergheim and St HippolyteRouge. Meanwhile, the winery's emblematicAlsace white wine has been renamed AlsaceComplantation to emphasise the complexityachieved through cultivation of all 13 Alsationgrape varietiesPAV 7.2 / STAND MN316Alsace Rouge andAlsace Complantation8 • VINEXPO DAILY • TUESDAY 11 ST FEBRUARY

I REGION I SOUTH EUROPEAN COUNTRIES IProsecco goessugar-freeThe Wines of Portugal stand at Vinexpo Paris 2020PORTUGALREPRESENTED INFORCE AT VINEXPOThe Wines of Portugalstand will showcasethe country's uniqueofferings.Portugal's wines and wineregions will be represented byno fewer than 75 producersat Vinexpo Paris, giving thecountry the largest foreignrepresentation at the fair.The Wines of Portugal standoffers a free tasting areawith more than 30 premiumselected wines and tailormadetours that will givevisitors the chance to discoverwhat makes Portuguese winesunique.The country's indigenousgrape varieties, of which thereare more than 250, excellentcultivation conditions andexperienced winegrowers areamong the many factors in itsfavour.Vines are planted in all typesof soil, from sand to shale,and are exposed to a widearray of microclimates withMediterranean, Atlanticand continental influences,resulting in a diverse selectionof wines.Portugal is among the top fiveEuropean wine exporters, andtotal exports rose 3% in 2018to €803m – a record figure.The top destination forPortuguese wines is France,where imports increased 5.6%in 2018 to reach €115.9m.Other key markets areBelgium, Brazil, the UnitedKingdom and the UnitedStates.At Vinexpo Paris the Winesof Portugal stand hostsproducers from all the mainwine regions, namely VinhoVerde, Porto and Douro, Dao,Bairrada, Alentejo, Lisboa,Tejo, Peni nsula de Setubal, theAlgarve and MadeiraPAV 7.1STANDS HK58 & HJ62La Tordera winery is at the forefront of a trend among DOCGproducers towards drier, more refined Prosecco wines withfewer calories.A sparkling wine with zero sugar contentis among two exclusive vintages broughtto Vinexpo Paris by a leading wineryin Italy's largest Prosecco Superioreregion.Otreval Zero Zuccheri Brut and BruneiBrut, which are presented by La Torderawinery of the Valdobbiadene area,exemplify a growing trend towardsincreasingly dry Prosecco wines amongproducers of vintages with protecteddesignation of origin status - orDenominazione di Origine Controllata eGarantita (DOCG).Both are from small hillside plotsin the Conegliano Valdobbiadenearea of Treviso in Veneto province,which accounts for nearly 80% of the8,643ha under cultivation for ProseccoSuperiore DOCG. Recent years haveseen a trend for Valdobbiadene DOCGwines to be marketed separately fromthose of neighbouring Conegliano.The two wines are grown using LaTordera's "Natural Balance" method ofsustainable viticulture, which aims toprotect the environment as well as thelocal economy and social traditions,and within 15km of the winery, allowingfor quick vinification and ensuring lowsulphite content.The Tordera Prosecco range at Vinexpo Paris 2020Otreval is cultivated in 1.3ha of theRive de Guia area, one of the highestvineyards in Valdobbiadene. Its steephillsides allow for greater concentrationof sugar in the grapes and the wine goesthrough a four-month fermentationprocess, during which all its sugarcontent is consumed by yeasts.La Tordera describes the result as "acomplex, pale straw yellow wine, withan elegant perlage and a bouquetextending from green fruits to mineralnotes" and a flavour that is "intense andwell-structured with a pleasant acidyfreshness".Brunei Brut is from the 6.8ha Vidorarea, which was cultivated with plums inRoman times, and has alluvial clay soilthat is favourable for making brut. Thesparkling wine, which has 7.5 to eightgrams of sugar per litre, is a "fresh wine"with a "strong personality", according toLa TorderaPAV 7.1STAND AB74VINEXPO DAILY • TUESDAY 11 ST FEBRUARY 2020 • 9

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