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I TRADE TALK ILarsson gives the lowdownon life as a wine buyerDuring two decades in the wine trade, Johan Larsson has been a sommelier atsome of Stockholm's finest restaurants and head steward to the King and Queen ofSweden. In 2010 he joined Systembolaget, the government-owned chain of liquorstores in Sweden, as a wine buyer. He is currently responsible for France.JohanLarssonWine buyer,SystembolagetPRESS CORNERCould you describe your role as wine buyer forSystembolaget?As buyers at Systembolaget, we are responsible for allproducts of a specific origin or category in our some440 shops throughout Sweden. This includes contactswith distributors, producers and other stakeholders inthe industry through regular meetings and travelsto the respective origins and trade shows. In closerelationship with our category managers, the buyersset up plans for future launches. The buyers get towrite the tender requests and, through blind tastings,they select the products best fittingthese tender requests. All buyersat Systembolaget are ISO Certifiedtasters, and often hold a diplomadegree or higher degree combinedwith work experience from eitherour shops or from working at variousimporting companies or producers,or as sommeliers.Why are you attending VinexpoParis and what do you hope toachieve there?By attending the trade show, I getto meet with producers to get aunderstanding of what’s available for their respectiveportfolio and to see if and how these products fit ourconsumers' needs. That includes all aspects of theproducts, including liquid, packaging and design.Will you be attending any of the master classes orseminar sessions?Usually, I do not attend master classes or seminarsduring trade shows. I tend to prioritize meetingsinstead.WE ARERESPONSIBLE FORALL PRODUCTSOF A SPECIFICORIGIN ORCATEGORY IN OURSOME 440 SHOPSTHROUGHOUTSWEDENAs your responsibility is forFrance, can you say anythingplease about which winesfrom the country are gainingpopularity?We see an increase in the winesshowing typicity of origin andgrape (or style). Certified organicwines are still very popular andwe have a continuous interest indeveloping this field as well asmore environmentally friendlypackaging such as lightweightbottles and PETThe viewfrom ItalyGianni FabrizioEditor, Gambero RossoGianni Fabrizio is editor ofItaly's leading wine and foodmagazine, Gambero Rosso.We asked him to tell us a littlemore about Gambero Rosso.Gambero Rosso is the leading wineguide and magazine in Italy. It is verywell known and highly respected wineguide. We taste over 45,000 winesevery year and the best Italian vines,around 400 wines, receive our "3glasses" award.What are you primarily looking for atVinexpo?First of all, Vinexpo is a very importantevent in the wine industry, if not themost important. I will be promotingItaly's best wines in Paris as France isan important market for Italian wines.If I have some extra time I will also belooking at Bordeaux and Burgundy as Iknow quite a few winemakers.What are the key wine and spiritstrends in Italy?The trend shows a strong growth inorganic wines, without sulfur and alsothe vins tranquilles, where you canfinish a bottle in a meal. The best sellingwines are light wines which are easy todrink.Of course premium wines always sellvery well, like Barolo and Brunello andthey are well recognized in foreignmarkets like the US. In spirits, Vermouthis experiencing a true renaissance,with many winemakers making it. Ginis also very popular whilst Cognac andArmagnac are facing a downtrend.10 • VINEXPO DAILY • WEDNESDAY 5 TH FEBRUARY

I SPECIAL FEATURE I L'AVENUE IChristopheJuarezCEO, Centre Vinicole-Champagne NicolasFeuillatte (CV-CNF)ADVINI TOSHOWCASEITS WINESIN L’AVENUEThe leader in terroir wines will be oneof the eight top brands present in theprestigious areaTimeto celebrate forNicolas FeuillatteThe wine critics of "La Revue du Vin de France", a magazine recognizedas a leading voice in the industry and publisher of the "Green Guide" ofthe best of France, elected the Nicolas Feuillatte wine center "group ofwinemakers of the year", during a ceremony held last month in Paris.This brand of champagne, well knownthroughout France, thanks to its presencein supermarkets, is the largest Champagnecooperative, bringing together more than4,500 members and marketed, in 2018, 10.4m bottles. Founded in 1976 and now basedin Chouilly, Nicolas Feuillatte has risen tonumber one in sales in France and in thirdposition in the rest of the world.Earlier last year, the Champagne powerhousehad acquired the Champagne house HenriAbelé from the Henkell-Freixenet Group for anundisclosed sum.CV-CNF continues its value strategy ina Champagne market driven by brandpremiumization, and steps up its developmentwith the addition of a prized asset in itsenlarged brand portfolio.“Our decision to buy this jewel, which is part ofour local wine heritage, opens a new chapterfor the Centre Vinicole-Champagne NicolasFeuillatte in the history of our Appellation,”comments Christophe Juarez, CV-CNF’s CEO.“It includes a complementary developmentmodel to distribution channels always keen tolist exclusive products with high added value.Our vision relies on a long-term perspectiveand we trust this external growth acquisitionwill provide new impetus to our uniquebusiness model.”Henri Abelé Champagne House, which datesback to 1757 and is therefore one of theoldest and rarest Champagne Houses, islocated in Reims historical city centre withlarge traditional chalk cellars. On its side,Nicolas Feuillatte is the youngest of all themajor Champagne Houses and the largestwine growers’ brand, with its state-of-the-artflagship estate located on the hillsides of theCôte des Blancs. Both companies share adeep attachment to the land of Champagneand have common values of heritage andmodernity, tradition and boldnessPAV 7.1 / STAND HJ53AdVini, a French leader in terroir wines, is one of thetop brands taking part in L'Avenue at Vinexpo Paris.This area, which will resemble a line of shop windowsfrom prestigious Paris boutiques, will feature a totalof eight market-leading premium brands.The French leader in terroir wines, AdVini will beable to impress those attending L'Avenue with itsimpressive environmental credentials.In all, 1,000 hectares of the company’s vineyardsare in organic or biodynamic farming or areHigh Environmental Value (HVE – Haute ValeurEnvironnementale) certified.As an example, at AdVini’s Laroche estate, effortsto preserve biodiversity extend beyondvine activity, with hedgerows having beenreplanted in the vineyards and beehives,bird boxes and bat boxes set up.At another of AdVini’s estates, ChateauGassier, wines obtained organiccertification in 2016, benefiting localfauna including butterflies, bats andraptors.“Organic winemaking practices aremore respectful of the terroir and givesthe fruit a pure taste,” said GeorgesGassier, winemaker.And to take another example, five ofVignobles Jeanjean’s estates arecertified organic, and the otherthree will be certified for the 2021vintage, with efforts aimed attaking care of the environmentand the health of bothconsumers and employeesPAV 7.1 / STAND FH52Laroche, BourgogneChardonnay, AOC, dry,whiteVINEXPO DAILY • WEDNESDAY 5 TH FEBRUARY 2020 • 11

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