Vinexpo Daily 2020 Paris - Preview Edition

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© Emilio Del PradoBe Spirits – gettinginto the right moodin the French CapitalBe Spirits by Vinexpo is THE definitive list of partnerbars across the city of lights. Take the time to drop byone or two – and get into the right mood for the show!Le 1802At the Monte Cristo Hotel,discover Le 1802, reference tothe birth of Alexandre Dumas,and his famous cocktailsmade from rum.22 rue Pascal,75005 ParisLe 1905The sophisticated menuof this English speakeasyapartment is a real-timecapsule which brings youback to the beginning of lastcentury.25 rue Beautreillis,75004 ParisWHERETO GO INPARISCaféModerneRed bricks, meatballs andcomics, Mido Yahi broughtback from New York the oldAmerican spirit in this bistro.His cocktail creations areunveiled on vinyl discs for anoriginal gustatory and auralexperience.19 rue Keller,75011 ParisCastor ClubOne of the few cocktail barson the left bank. Intimate andrelaxing atmosphere, playlist50’s-60’s and regardingthe cocktails, there are12 creations that changeaccording to the inspirationbut always with the desire tosurprise.14 rue Hautefeuille,75006 ParisDirty DickScotty Schuder brought backan exotic atmosphere fromoverseas with him. Cocktailsare served into tiki glasses inorder to promote the islandspirit drink itself: Rum.FitzgeraldThe Fitzgerald is an openmap where each cocktailtells a story, a journey or amemory, and offers a uniqueolfactory, visual and gustatoryexperience.ISTRFriends Philippe Morin andPierre Smague welcome youto their unique establishment- the result of a successfulcombo between a cocktailbar, an oyster club and arestaurant.Jefrey’sA cocktail bar out of the boxwhere Benjamin Nolf creates anew mood for each season tore-invent the cocktail menu.14 Rue Saint-Sauveur,75002 Paris10 rue Frochot,75009 Paris54 bd de la Tour-Maubourg,75007 Paris41 rue Notre Dame deNazareth, 75003 Paris

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