Vinexpo Daily 2020 Paris - Preview Edition

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I NEWS INEW DEDICATEDAREA AT VINEXPOSHOWCASESTHE SPIRITSAND MIXOLOGYSECTORSMoët Hennessyto focus onsustainabilityBe Spirits features a bar as long asan Olympic swimming pool - and theactivity will continue into the eveningat some of Paris's top barsFor the first time, Vinexpo is bringing togetherthe spirits and mixology sectors with a dedicatedarea at Vinexpo Paris called Be VinexpoVeuve Clicquot Ponsardin vineyard before the harvestThis will welcome professionals from across theindustry, including importers, distributors, majorbuyers, journalists, bloggers and many others.The company aims to consider newmethods of winemaking to protectthe environment.As the wine and spirits industry focusesincreasingly on environmental issues, MoëtHennessy will be taking the opportunity toshowcase its eco-credentials at Vinexpo.In particular, the company wants to demonstrateits commitment to living soils and to a moresustainable future.“We wanted to share ourexperience and our approachand organise expert forumson key topics surroundingsustainable winemakingduring this new edition ofVinexpo, the event where thewinemaking world comestogether,” said PhilippeSchaus, CEO of MoëtHennessy.“We’re opening our doors toindustry fellows and all thosewho wish to take part in creating an increasinglysustainable viticulture.”Moët Hennessy has invited to its forums acommunity of experts: vineyard directors,researchers, sommeliers, spokespeople frominternational institutions, NGOs, and youngcompanies specialising in technology andsustainability.Each panel at the forums is comprised ofexperts from Moët Hennessy and specialistsfrom around the globe.WE WANTEDTO ORGANISEEXPERTFORUMS ONKEY TOPICSSURROUNDINGSUSTAINABLEWINEMAKINGThey will take turns addressing the currentstate of soils and biodiversity and will sharetheir solutions regarding current productionmodels to accelerate the transition to moreecologically sensitive production methods.The discussions will have an open formatconsisting of a series of 30-minute conversationsfollowed by a 10-minute question-and-answersession with the public. The programme willinclude tastings and masterclasses aroundMoët Hennessy products.During Vinexpo, MoëtHennessy will showcase itsinvestments in equipmentthat is more environmentallysensitive and in trainingwinegrowers and farmersin new technologies. It willalso highlight its promotionof sustainable winegrowingcertifications, and its supportfor scientific and universityprojects to share anddisseminate knowledge.The company will alsoannounce its commitments for the future.On the last day of Vinexpo there will be aconversation on the future of winegrowing withSchaus. This will be followed by workshopson the future of gastronomy and wines, withparticipants including the celebrated chefAlain Ducasse and students from a number ofinstitutions, who will reflect on the future ofsustainable gastronomyPAV 7.1 / STAND AC42The hub of the area will be the Infinite Bar, a baras long as an Olympic-sized swimming pool thatwill showcase 20 brands of spirits and will alsofeature 20 mixologists from the most prestigiousParisian bars.As well as the Infinite Bar, the other keyattraction of Be Spirits will be the conferenceshosted there.Dealing with various cutting-edge topics relatedto the spirits industry, these conferences willbe led by high-level experts, including theinternational spirits consultant AlexandreVingtier, and by distillery owners and renownedbarmen.These conferences are grouped under twothemes: Be Mixology and Be Brand.Be Mixology will provide analysis on the currentand future key trends of the global spirits marketand, at a time when many well-known brandshave recently launched their first no/low abvspirits, it will also look at the growing success ofno/low abv spiritsAlong a 50-metre stretch, 20 bars will beshowcasing craft brands and mixology, makingthis unmissable space the hub of Be Spirits.6 • VINEXPO DAILY • WEDNESDAY 5 TH FEBRUARY

I NEWS Ie-commerce conference at Vinexpo Bordeaux 2019© Phil LabeguerieTEST YOURTASTE BUDS ATTHE VINEXPOCHALLENGEThe world's best sommelier willhost a fun event where showattendees attempt to identifywines.VINEXPO Academy:A platform wherewine professionals meetand exchange viewsAttendees at Vinexpo Paris will get thechance to showcase their skills at identifyingwines during a fun blind-tasting event – andnone other than the man named as theworld’s best sommelier will play host.Marc Almert, named in 2019 as BestSommelier of the World by the InternationalSommelier Association (ASI), will hostthe Vinexpo Challenge, in which wine andspirits professionals try to identify the grapevariety, country of origin and vintage of thewines they taste.People at the show are being encouragedto put themselves forward for this simple,fun and rewarding event, which is part of theVinexpo Academy.When it comes to top-level training inthe area of wines and spirits, VinexpoAcademy offers professionalsand businesses unique learningopportunities.Visitors are able to acquire new skills thanks toa comprehensive programme including a panelof tastings, conferences and masterclassestranslated into several languages and moderatedby Masters of Wine, the Best Sommeliers ofthe World (Association de la SommellerieInternationale) and great names in wines andspirits.Three major conferences will take place onMonday February 10 th :10:00 - IWSR conference on global markettrends in wines and spirits12:00 - conference on E-commerce challenges14:30 - conference on the consequences ofBrexit for the industryVinexpo Academy will feature must-attendtastings such as the first Tre Bicchieri event inParis, The Gambero Rosso award-winning winesfor 2020, a caviar pairing ‘battle’ where threetop sommeliers will be tasked with finding thebest pairing for caviar. Moët-Hennessy is also toparticipate to this rich program with a unique andgroundbreaking dimension. It will dedicate itsspace to speak about sustainable developmentwith a range of 30 minutes succinct discussionsand debates.Highlights of the Vinexpo Academy programmeinclude sessions on Austrian wine, tasting ofMédoc Crus Bourgeois, “Brandy, far-reachingchanges for iconic spirits”, “The Gambero Rossoaward-winning wines for 2020”, “Tre Bicchieri livefrom Paris”, “Purchasing or selling a vineyard”,“Mass retail: Trends and consumers, what arethe innovative initiatives in supermarkets?”,“Oltrepò Pavese: the latest emerging vineyardfor bubbles in Italy”, “Who are the Médoc CrusBourgeois?”, “Coravin tasting challenge: “Dareto compare”, “Wine shops: What levers should beactivated to boost turnover?”, and “FEVS PressConference: Report on French wine and spiritsexports in 2019”PAV 7.2The person who achieves the highest scoreby correctly identifying the most winesserved will be presented by Marc Almert,who is Chief Sommelier for Baur Au Lac andBaur Au Lac Vins, with a prize on behalf ofVinexpo’s Champagne Partner, Jeeper Luxe.Demonstrating its popularity, the VinexpoChallenge has been held at every Vinexpoexhibition since 2015 in conjunction with theASIWEDNESDAY 12 FEBRUARY10am – 11.30amPAV 7.2 / ROOM 4Mark Almert, ASI 2019 Best Sommelier ofthe World at Vinexpo Academy 2019VINEXPO DAILY • WEDNESDAY 5 TH FEBRUARY 2020 • 7

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