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Vinexpo Daily 2020 Paris - Preview Edition

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New joint

New joint ventopportunitiesattendeesI EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ILaurent NoëlDivision Director,ComexposiumThe tie-up between Comexposinternational business for partAs Paris prepares to welcome the first simultaneousedition of Vinexpo Paris and Wine Paris, we askedLaurent Noël, Comexposium Division Director, andRodolphe Lameyse, CEO of Vinexpo, how this jointventure came about.RodolpheLameyseCEO, VinexpoBringing together two leadingFrench companies able to coverall the marketing segments of theindustry is a fantastic opportunity.The new company will combinethe assets of our two structures:international sales and logisticsnetwork with the Comexposiuminternational sales and logisticsnetwork with the Comexposiuminternational subsidiaries in over22 countries, the client portfolioand the brand image of Vinexpo,along with our common expertise,strikes as sufficiently relevant forour brands to join forces.In a constantly evolving globalwine and spirits market, weare creating a unique and veryefficient platform for wine buyersand wine makers alike.This move will also allow ourclients to expand their tradeterritories by reaching new wineconsumers. Moreover, this jointventure reflects Vinexpo Holdingand Comexposium’s strategicdirection to become the world’sleading organiser of wine andspirits events.Our alliance is consequently thebest way to reach our objectiveand become the leading wine andspirits show organizer.What will change for exhibitorsand attendees?We will leverage our mutualstrengths to benefit ourstakeholders and meet the mainexpectations of our clients."WITHTHE JOINTVENTURE’S NEWPOTENTIAL, WEWILL BE ABLETO MAP EVENTSCLOSELYGEARED TOOUR CLIENTS’NEEDS"RODOLPHE LAMEYSEMore international business,making the most of all exportdevelopment opportunities.More quality business, valuingreturn on investment of eventsthey attend and building qualitybusiness relationships.8 • VINEXPO DAILY • WEDNESDAY 5 TH FEBRUARY

ure will offer betterto exhibitors andium and Vinexpo will lead to moreicipantsMore time by making it easierto choose from a clearer eventportfolio.Our structure will offer anoptimised, diversified andtargeted portfolio to achievemaximum efficiency for alloperators, whether producersor buyers.Which events are affected?The new entity will manage andreinforce the current portfolioof 10 well-established eventsbringing together the assetsof both organisers: Vinexpo(Bordeaux, Paris, Hong Kong,Shanghai and New York) andthe Vinexpo Explorer eventsfor Vinexpo Holding, Wine Paris(Vinisud/Vinovision Paris),World Wine Meetings andWorld Bulk Wine Exhibition(Amsterdam and Asia) forComexposium.Please tell us a little moreabout Comexposium.Laurent Noël: Comexposium isthe world’s third-largest showorganiser with more than 135business-to-consumer andbusiness-to-business showsover a wide range of markets.Wine and spirits is a sector withwhich we have always workedwithin the framework of ourAgrifood events in France andacross the world. We organiseSITEVI, which operatesupstream of the sector. In 2017,we launched VinoVision in Pariswith AVS, integrated Vinisud,World Wine Meetings andWorld Bulk Wine Exhibitions(WBWE) in 2017. In 2019, welaunched Wine Paris with AVSand Vinisud. We are delightedtoday to create, with Vinexpo,the world’s leading organiser ofevents dedicated to wines andspirits.Will any new events resultfrom this partnership?Rodolphe Lameyse: Now we canoffer our clients opportunitiesworldwide. This is a responseto the radically changing exportenvironment, whether in theUS, in Europe or in Asia.With the joint venture’s newpotential, we will be able to mapevents closely geared to ourclients’ needs so that buyersand producers can benefit fromthe international stage. Ourportfolio will evolve as marketopportunities arise.What will the new companyoffer?Together with WBWE, WineParis and Vinexpo, we willcover the whole range of wineand spirit products from thedynamic bulk wine to superpremium segments.In addition, we will continueto develop high quality andtargeted business meetingswith the World Wine Meetingsand Vinexpo Explorer brandsdedicated to wine and spirits.The portfolio will be optimisedand clarified to make it more"WE AREDELIGHTEDTODAY TOCREATE, WITHVINEXPO,THE WORLD’SLEADINGORGANISEROF EVENTSDEDICATEDTO WINES ANDSPIRITS."LAURENT NOËLunderstandable for our clientsand partners and will developedto offer a great number ofopportunities to our wines andspirits operators. That will beone of the first projects oncethe joint venture is finalised thissummerTHIRDLARGESTComexposium is the third-largest eventsorganiser with more than 135 businessto-consumerand business-to-businessshows globally.10 GLOBALEVENTSThe new entity will see eachbusiness have an equal stake, andtogether host 10 events: Wine Paris(Vinisud/Vinovision Paris), WorldWine Meetings and World Bulk WineExhibition (Amsterdam and Asia) fromComexposium; Vinexpo (Bordeaux,Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and NewYork) and the Vinexpo Explorer events,from Vinexpo Holding.140COUNTRIESThe joint venture will be the world’sleading organiser of events dedicated towine and spirits, with more than 78,000visitors from 140 countries and 5,900exhibitors annually.3MAIN MARKETSEGMENTSThis new company will organise eventsgeared to three market segments: bulkwines; entry-level to premium wines andspirits, and super-premium to luxurywines and spirits.VINEXPO DAILY • WEDNESDAY 5 TH FEBRUARY 2020 • 9

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