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SPECIAL FEATURE: COCKTAILS 250 Years of Martinique Style & Flavour Major celebrations planned for SAINT JAMES anniversary Cocktail Express – A Different Approach to Mixology A French Brittany-based company has come up with a bright idea for bars and restaurants wishing to sell cocktails, but without the skills needed to produce them. Cocktail Express specialises in the production and distribution of pre-mixed cocktail bases. It suffices to mix the cocktail base with fruit juice in a shaker and the cocktail is ready to serve. The company is also producing sales collateral material such as cocktail menus – aiming to help boost business. Rossi D’Asiago Distillers is presenting an exciting array of liqueurs at Vinexpo, perfect for those who enjoy high quality cocktails. Having already seen success with its Volare liqueur brand, Rossi D’Asiago is now aiming to build on this success through repositioning the brand amongst the higher end liqueurs. Made from only the finest quality natural ingredients, the range offers more than 35 different flavours making it an ideal liqueur for exciting, unique cocktails. Wishing to rejuvenate the brand without losing its famous identity, Rossi D’Asiago has restyled the Volare logo resulting in a much clearer style. Aiming for maximum shelf presence but still fulfilling the needs of the bartender, the bottle maintains its shape but has been enriched with decoration in relief around the neck and body mimicking Cocktails include Mojito, Piña Colada, Sex on the Beach, Zombie, T Sunrise, and Caïpirinha. One bottle serves 18 glasses. Cocktail Express also underlines the importance of reduced wastage, as it claims its products have a very long shelf life, reducing the need to store quantities of perishable ingredients. Hall 3, Stand U-359 Rossi D’Asiago Rejuvenates Volare Liqueur Range for Cocktails waves, that makes the grip of the bottle, thus favouring the frenetic activity of the bartenders while offering a pleasant tactile sensation. Bartenders will also appreciate the Pro-Pour technology, which results in a leak-proof bottle. In addition, Rossi D’Asiago is showcasing its broad range of international award winning Antica Sambuca-based liqueurs at Vinexpo. Re-launched by brand owner Antiche Distillerie in 2004 in order to make the sambuca liqueur category ‘cool again’, Antica has become the number one sambuca brand in the UK and second in the world within the category. Hall 3, Stand X-330 SAINT JAMES Rum is celebrating its 250 th anniversary this year with a special commemorative bottling, a host of festivities on its home island of Martinique, and a worldwide marketing campaign. The week of 6-12 July, which traditionally marks the end of the sugar harvest, is set to be a key moment during the 250 th anniversary celebrations in Martinique. The programme includes visits around the distillery; masterclasses and tastings; and a live show culminating in the release of a commemorative limited edition: an ultra-premium blend of six of the best SAINT JAMES vintages, presented in a luxurious glass flagon with embossed metal neck. To pay full tribute to SAINT JAMES rich history, other festivities will be taking place across the world including an anniversary party in Paris, multi-media advertising campaigns and outstanding pointof-sale promotions. SAINT JAMES Rum is one of the oldest rum brands, with the plantations first producing rum in 1765. From the outset the brand was a pioneer in its category, being the first rum to create vintage specific blends, and designing an innovative square bottle in order to maximise storage and minimise breakage on the long sea-voyages to its original export markets. Today the iconic Rhum Agricole is still produced in Martinique, which has the only rum AOC THE BRAND IS ALSO AT THE FOREFRONT OF THE NEW MIXOLOGY TREND (appellation controllée) in the world, and more precisely in Sainte-Marie, on the East coast of the island. SAINT JAMES Rum is and has always been committed to quality, heritage, innovation and traditional expertise. The special SAINT JAMES Cuvée 1765, a blend created in homage to the original 1765 style, is the epitome of the quality of the products it offers. The brand is also at the forefront of the new mixology trend and has recently developed links with key stars in this field including top mixologist and barman, Stephen Martin. Hall 1, Stand AB 291 10 VINEXPO DAILY / DAY 5 / THURSDAY 18 TH JUNE 2015

FRENCH PROVINCE: BOURGOGNE Burgundy Back on Track with Good Harvest Producers out to regain market share after three years of short crops Burgundy is well and truly back on track with the right levels of wine to help supply its key customers around the world after three troubled vintages had put it on the back foot. That was the key message Burgundy producers were able to tell their customers at this year’s Vinexpo, says Pascal Loridon, marketing director of the BIVB (Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bourgogne), the region’s generic body. “We are back where we want to be after three short crops. We now have a normal crop and can get back to business,” says Loridon after the 2014 harvest brought in around 150m litres. He admits it has been frustrating not to able to keep up with demand for its wines due to lack of availability. “But now we can start talking to everyone again in the market and offer them what they are looking for. It is always better to come to Vinexpo and have something to sell. It is hard for winegrowers when they are not able to allocate their wines to who they want.” IT IS A VERY EFFICIENT SHOW FOR US AND WE LIKE WHAT GUILLAUME DEGLISE IS LOOKING TO DO WITH VINEXPO The shortage of wine saw exports to the USA fall by 12.5% to just under 8.5m bottles and to the UK by 24% to 7.8m bottles respectively in 2014. Loridon says this year’s show was a great opportunity to meet key buyers and customers from key countries like USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Canada. “We are very pleased there are more American and Asian visitors. It is a very efficient show for us and we like what Guillaume Deglise is looking to do with Vinexpo,” says Loridon. France, he says, remains Burgundy’s main market but now it has the right volumes of wine again it can get back to developing its key existing and new export markets. “We can look in 2016 to start receiving some of our market share,” says Loridon. The USA, for example, was a key focus at the show being worth nearly a third of Burgundy’s exports. Burgundy’s four other key international markets are the UK, Germany, Canada and Japan. Hall 1, Stand E-216 BOURGOGNE KEY FIGURES Around 27,900 hectares of vine Burgundy is made up of five regions: Chablis and Grand Auxerrois Côtes de Nuits Côte de Beaune Côte Chalonnaise Maconnais PRODUCTION 60% White wine 8% Sparking BURGUNDY WINES PRODUCTION The region covers 230 km from north to south 32% Red wine Maison Louis Max’s New Winemaking Team David Duband links up with Jean-François Joliette Burgundy producer, Maison Louis Max, is looking to the future with the exciting partnership between Jean- François Joliette and new technical winemaking director David Duband. The fruits of this new winemaking team will be fully seen in the 2014 vintage, but are already coming through in its 2013 wines. The link up is the latest stage in Maison Louis Max’s long history of making innovative and evolutionary wines in the Côte de Nuits. Joliette has been leading the producer’s winemaking team since 2007, having previously worked for Domaine Laroche in Chablis and Champagne Mumm. Duband has been on board since June 2014 and will work with Joliette to create the style and quality of Maison Louis Max’s wines through careful grape selection, adapting vinification techniques and maturation processes. But, he stresses, new techniques must compliment, not replace tradition and experience.“There can be no shortcuts when making just doesn’t work.” Maison Louis Max owns around 250 hectares of vines across different estates. Hall 1, Stand B-229 TWO MAIN GRAPE VARIETIES CHARDONNAY PINOT NOIR Appellation wines from Burgundy in 2014: 279m bottles 150m litres harvest Burgundy exports in value in 2014: 710m euros. Exports to US: 8.5m bottles in 2014 Exports to UK: 7.8m bottles VINEXPO DAILY / DAY 5 / THURSDAY 18 TH JUNE 2015 11

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