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NEWS La Fête de La

NEWS La Fête de La Fleur Celebrates 200 Years of Château Montrose © Alain Benoit After seven years of renovation work, the “Cellar- Cathedral” of Château Montrose in Saint-Estèphe will open its doors tonight for the 2015 Fête de la Fleur. Osborne Acquires Nordés Gin Osborne has announced an important strengthening and diversification of its portfolio of beverages, in accordance with the company’s 2015-2017 strategic plans that forecast substantial growth in the spirits sector. The company, based in Spain, is the owner of internationally renowned brands such as Cinco Jotas 100% Iberian bellota ham, Rioja Montecillo wine, the brandies Carlos I, Magno and Veterano and Anís del Mono, among others. It has a clear goal: to select, produce and bring to consumers around the world, the most authentic and prestigious products and brands of food and beverages. Osborne thus underlines a firm commitment to the category of premium gin, following the success of Seagrams, through the Nordés acquisition. In a statement, Osborne says: “Nordés Gin breaks radically with any preconceived ideas and is redefining the boundaries of the category of gin.” Hall 1, Stand E-171 Bodegas Ramón Bilbao Innovates – Creating a Virtual Cellar The Fête de la Fleur is a worldrenowned event: the prestigious and unavoidable meeting point for the world’s top wine lovers. It was founded in 1949 by the Commanderie du Bontemps (today chaired by its Grand Master Emmanuel Cruse), in celebration of the flowering of the vines. A thousand guests are expected for the occasion – serving as the closing ceremony for Vinexpo. This year’s festival will take on a special tone, as it coincides with the commemoration of the 200-year history of the famous vineyards of Château Montrose in AOC Saint-Estèphe. Mélissa Bouygues, President of Château Montrose, and Hervé Berland, the manager of the domain, will reveal this fabulous restored area to the guests - celebrities and professionals from the wine world – from Bordeaux and the entire planet – for a truly exceptional evening. Wake up the Brazilian in You! Ramón Bilbao is making the news at Vinexpo, as it claims to be the first wine cellar to offer a virtual reality journey: a bespoke piece through which a wine loving, 21 st century explorer is immersed in a dream world. They are taken on a journey from the birth of the grape all the way to the glass of wine, a fairytale journey of unique sensations… SPARKLING ALBARIÑO LAUNCHED AT VINEXPO Bodegas Ramón Bilbao has surprised visitors to Vinexpo with their latest creation: Mar de Frades Brut Nature - the first Sparkling Albariño ever made in Spain. It is a vibrant, elegant wine, fresh and elegant with a long creamy finish. Made in the Méthode Champenoise, it has a second fermentation in the bottle at 12-13ºC and is aged over the lees for 9 months until the disgorgement. Lou Wishart, Marketing Manager at Ellis of Richmond, their distributor, says: “Mar de Frades has added a fantastic addition to their beautiful ‘blue bottle’ range. This sparkler has a distinctive style and the same high quality as the still Albarino.” Hall 1, Stand D-142 Brazil is vibrant and the wine scene is family-based and quality driven. At Vinexpo, seven producers are presenting their new and special releases (all styles of sparklings, diversity of moscatos and lower alcohol still wines) at the “Discovery Table”. opportunities and business partners. Among them is Aurora, the most internationally awarded Brazilian winery and the leading exporter of Brazilian wines. The company is presenting its Moscato Sparkling wine, ranked among the Top 100 Wines in the World. Macaw range, developed to show Brazil by the labels and style of the wines: fruity, easy to drink and low in alcohol content. Perini is also looking for importers in North America, Europe and Asia. © Silvia Tonon The producers are all already exporting to several countries but also looking for new international distribution Perini is the only winery in Brazil using a Vinimatic system that gives a smoothness and balance to the wines. At Vinexpo, the winery is showing the Hall 1, Stand DE-249 4 VINEXPO DAILY / DAY 5 / THURSDAY 18 TH JUNE 2015

NEWS Caroline Franchi Marketing & Communications Manager, Corsican Wine Board Corsica Forges New Exports Through Vinexpo New faces and old friends from the Isle of Beauty “happy with results at show” Corsica: it’s the story of wine growers perpetuating the heritage of a long line of men and women impassioned by the work of their soils and their love of the vines. Just a few years ago, the wine growers of the Isle of Beauty, conscious of the exceptional nature of this patrimony decided to set a new goal in defining quality. Together, under the banner of “Vins de Corse”, they have combined the savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation, combining progress and modernity with rigour, passion and tradition. Under the guiding eye of the president of CIV Corse, Eric Poli (Clos Alivu – AOP Patrimonio), a total of 12 winegrowers are present at this year’s Vinexpo, including two new participants: Clos Canareccia – AOP Corse, and Clos Landry – AOP Corse-Calvi. “This is THE international show”, says Corsican Wine Board Marketing & Communications Manager, Caroline Franchi. “Our winegrowers are increasingly seeking to export their product, and they are happy this year at Vinexpo; the quality of the visitors is such that they are able to do excellent business.” With over 30 unique grape varieties, and a research centre constantly working to develop key commercial varieties, the CIV Corse has been able to develop product very proactively. Around 60% of exports from Corsica are of dry, fruity Rosés, which are starting to gain a better foothold in foreign markets. Ms Franchi explains that interest in Corsican wines is growing fast outside Europe, especially in the United States: “I am heading for New York next week, where there is a special event organised by a French importer, where buyers can taste Rosés from around the world. The Americans are really starting to appreciate Rosé wine.” For the Corsican winegrowers, the goals of Vinexpo are multiple, says Ms Franchi: “They come here to meet their importers and buyers. The meetings are made very pleasant through the fact we have put in place a gastronomic restaurant, which is the perfect setting for people to be able to taste the wines alongside our fabulous local cuisine. The other goal of the participants is to make contacts with new importers in order to develop their markets.” Hall 1, Stand AB-29 VINEXPO DAILY / DAY 5 / THURSDAY 18 TH JUNE 2015 5

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