Vinexpo Daily - Day 5

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Watch Vinexpo Welcome at Vinexpo 2015 The wine trend by Guillaume Deglise Why USA is in honour at Vinexpo? by Thomas Matthews Bargylus, a wine made in Syria Wine & Space by Patrick Baudry What about the China market ? by Jeannie Cho Lee What is the potential of the US WINE MARKET ?

Bordeaux Videos How to make “So Sauternes” Cocktail ? What is “12 de coeur”? Being a sommelier in 2015 Interview of Greg Lambrecht - Coravin European producers take place in U.S Why U.S.A. is in honour ? by Michel Rolland Le Pan Don’t forget your glass ! #Riedel the blend “Vinexpo2015 official parties !” Robert de Luxembourg, Château Haut-Brion and Clarence Dillon Wine & Space by Patrick Baudry The Rosé in the US is absolutely on fire !

Vinexpo Daily