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Vinexpo Daily - Review Edition

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REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT: AUSTRALIA SUNSHINE CREEK STANDING PROUD @ VINEXPO Mosel Wine region Adelaide, South Australia – a Great Wine Capital of the World In 2015–16, South Australia’s fact, more than 200 of our cellar Sunshine Creek winery was back at Vinexpo for the wine industry generated doors are within an hour’s drive second time – but for the first time with a “standalone” booth. $AUS2.11 bn in revenue, with of the city centre of Adelaide, the $AUS1.34 bn of this from wine capital of South Australia. exports, and in July 2016, Our state has a unique history of Sunshine Creek is the venture of Chinese-born Adelaide / South Australia winemaking. The region is one of packaging magnate James Zhou, whom over many became a member of the Great the few places in the world that is years has worked with Grant Burge, Philip Shaw Wine Capitals Global Network, free of the grape vine destroying (eds: a guest at the Vinexpo stand), Philip Jones, Pat recognising excellence in all pest phylloxera, and the local Carmody and Mario Marson, and was looking for aspects of its wine industry producers make almost 80% of a site to produce wines under his own brand to sell including wine grape production, the nation’s premium wine from domestically and overseas. Having found just the winemaking, research and some of the oldest vines in the right place at Yarra Glen – Martha’s Vineyard (first development, tourism and world. With these credentials, it’s established in the 1980’s) – the new label came to education. no wonder Adelaide is known as be just a few years ago, and today is producing Australia’s wine capital. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and a Cabernet blend Eighteen distinct wine regions of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, span across South Australia, National wine industry Malbec and Petit Verdot. A Heathcote Shiraz is also including the Adelaide Hills, associations, major wine produced. Barossa, McLaren Vale, education and research and At Vinexpo 2015, the fledgling winery from the Yarra Valley near Melbourne was bundled with a group of other Australian producers. This time, as the owner, Mr Zhou, had recently purchased Coonawarra and Clare Valley. In development institutions all have Château Renon in Tabanac, the group decided to do a “two-in-one” stand featuring both French and Australian wineries side-by-side. Hentley Farm’s Andrew Quin With such an impressive stand, Group Export, Sales & Marketing Manager, Benjamin Roberts, told awarded Barons of Barossa Vinexpo Daily that the reason for this was to be able to host daily master classes covering both wineries. 2017 Winemaker of the Year “In Australia, our most popular products are our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir,” explains Roberts. “This year, it’s been interesting for us to see that our most popular product here is our 2013 Chardonnay. Everybody really enjoys the ‘old world’ style of this At this year’s Declaration of Vintage celebration in South Australia, winemaker Andrew wine. It’s not tight and lean. It’s not a buttery, oaky Quin was awarded the gold medal award-winning wine. It’s probably got more structure and complexity, and people really seem to enjoy that.” prestigious Barons of Barossa 2017 Winemaker of the Year. Quin has taken a slightly unusual road to winemaking, According to Roberts, there has been new genuine interest at Vinexpo from distributors in Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland and Quebec. transitioning from his original field of study – horticulture. For Andrew, winemaking provided French buyers still, according to Roberts, shy away an unparalleled opportunity to combine scientific knowledge with his artistic flair, in the pursuit their headquarters in South Australia, providing leadership in winemaking and viticulture intellect and expertise. Today, the South Australian wine industry supports not only highly regarded, established wine producers, but also a large number of exciting young, innovative winemakers who embrace the use of alternative varietals and natural winemaking principles with minimal interventions and organic farming techniques • of creating something that others could enjoy… great wine! Andrew joins an elite class of Barossa winemakers and further cements himself as one of the best and consistent young talents in the country. “I think it’s a pretty tough job for these guys picking a winemaker every year, this community is bursting with great winemakers,” he stated. “I’m obviously incredibly honoured to be the person selected for this great award in 2017” • 18 VINEXPO DAILY / REVIEW EDITION / FRIDAY 30 TH JUNE

REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT: GERMANY GERMANY: TREND TOWARDS HIGHER QUALITY WINES FOR EXPORT Mosel Wine region Rediscovered: Germany’s Aromatic Grape Varieties Last year around one million hectoliters of German wine valued at 288 million euros was exported to 130 countries, representing a decline in value of Aromatic grape varieties are one of the major German bouquet experiencing a revival both in varieties. Scheurebe wines range 4% and of 3% in volume. Entry-level wines were Germany itself and abroad. from dry to luscious sweet, most affected by this development. This year’s Vinexpo covers the and from quality to ice wines. full gamut of these wines, which On the other hand, quality wines are becoming appeal especially to younger wine Sauvignon Blanc is the increasingly important in German wine exports, enthusiasts – thanks to their shooting star among German white having gained an 85% share of the total export intensive aroma, coupled with a wines. Over the past ten years, its revenue and a 75% share of the export volume. pleasantly fresh fruity acidity and vineyard area in Germany has subtle sweetness. more than tripled to 960 ha, with Compared with the previous year, this corresponds further potential for growth. to an increase of 2%, continuing the trend towards With over 100 years’ history, higher quality wines in exports that has been observed for some time now. “German wine exporters see themselves up against very stiff international competition, especially in the entry-level sector”, explains DWI managing director Monika Reule. “This is amongst other factors due to the declining wine consumption in Scheurebe has a cultivation area of around 1,400 hectares, and is Then there’s Gewürztraminer, a monument to German wine culture the large European winegrowing countries. In the past few years, these countries have increased their export activities and – due to the relatively lower production costs - are able to offer their wines at a more favourable price than German producers. Because of this, the path we are taking in our wine One-Stop German Partner exports to raise our profile through quality and increase added value for our producers is, in the long-term, the right one,” says Reule. The average price of exported quality wines remained unchanged in 2016 at 3.23 €/l, compared with a one cent drop in the mean value for all wines, now at 2.88 €/l. Red quality wines, For those who are looking for estate bottled, natural Riesling and Pinot Noir wines from all wine growing areas of Germany, and who wish to get a choice of finest quality wines from ONE source of supply and on one in Germany. with a share of 7% of total exports, were exported invoice, MO-RHE-NA has a very long at an average price of 3.61 €/l list of references. For many years, German wine exporters have generated more than a quarter of their total revenue in the USA. In 2016, 187,000 hectolitres of wine with a value of €80m and an above-average price of 4.26 €/l in the mean were exported to this MO-RHE-NA and its associates commit themselves to making and promoting high class quality estate wines, and their wine portfolio • – steeped in centuries of tradition. A total of 420 ha of the overall 965 ha can be found in the Pfalz – the largest vineyard area of this variety. The remainder is grown in Baden and Sachsen as a speciality. Gewürztraminer seduces the senses with its captivating scent of roses. Matured as a dry to offdry wine, it complements Asian cuisine or game pâté, while luscious sweet varieties are especially tasty with aromatic desserts and spicy cheese • are able to connect interested buyers or importers with a number of wellknown wine estates from many regions MO-RHE-NA brand names such as the Refreshing Riesling, the Wine Diva and the Scheurebe Spätlese in blue bottles, the luscious Riesling Eiswein (icewine) or the fine B.A.(Beerenauslese) top-off VINEXPO DAILY / REVIEW EDITION / FRIDAY 30 TH JUNE 19