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The new edition of STEMMER IMAGING’s vision handbook covers numerous basic topics from all areas of imaging and machine vision on around 450 pages. This preview version (English / German) gives you a first impression of this highly praised reference guide. To get the full version please register by entering your e-mail address.
2 years ago

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we serve customers in many markets ... Imaging and machine vision is a core technology used in a variety of application areas. It provides a powerful and cost-effective way of implementing automatic quality assurance and control – at very high speeds and with stringent accuracy requirements. Imaging technology delivers the tools to help strengthen the competitive advantage of your company. factory automation Superior automated manufacturing anticipates and oversees every detail. Defective products are sorted out early. Imaging allows robots to select and assemble components without errors and increase company earnings. automotive Exact and consistent fabrication is crucial for quality and safety in automotive production and engineering. Manufacturers and component suppliers rely on leading-edge vision technology to validate complex assembly processes and inspections. » Today, machine vision is one of the key drivers in optimising automation and enabling rationalisation along with creating new opportunities. The revolution has only just begun. « Mark Williamson, Director – Corporate Market Development, STEMMER IMAGING test & measurement Sometimes decisive competitive advantage is only 1 nanometre long. What counts then is extreme pre cision in product testing. Here, the industry uses X-ray technology or 3D imaging to ensure that sample parts match 100%. medical imaging Having the right perspective means being able to diagnose illnesses earlier, to improve treatments and to save lives. Modern medicine depends on imaging for the diagnosis and real-time monitoring of opera tive procedures.

11 ... and any market you aim for. electronics, semi­ print & packaging food & Beverage Pharmaceutical conductor & Solar Printing speeds have long since With high-precision imaging, the When quality directly affects human Production speed and quality are overtaken the human eye. Today, food & beverage industry tests life there is no room for error. The essential in wafer manufacturing high-performance imaging reliably even hard-to-inspect products pharmaceutical market requires the or printed circuit board inspection. monitors printing processes, avoids with ab solute reliability. The result: most demanding vision systems Here manufacturers place trust in production rejects and maintains 100% quality and ever-growing that not only inspect products, but the fastest and highest resolution quality in packaging and labelling. productivity. also audit the systems use and cameras, delivered by Stemmer configuration, ensuring the correct Imaging. drug and dose are delivered with full traceability. Traffic, rail & scientific research Defence, security & sports, entertainment transport Those who develop the future require Aerospace & Broadcast Intelligent traffic systems rely on a clear vision. STEMMER IMAGING’s Beyond the needs of CCTV, specialist Competitive contest decisions, game vision technology for vehicle classi- high-performance components and cameras using sensors with ultra-high statistics and technique training fication and ANPR in road pricing and systems are used in leading research resolution or extended wavelength are examples where machine vision speed enforcement applications. institutes to advance technologies sensitivity are coupled with image is used in sports. This data coupled Advanced cameras are used to and to enhance our future. processing algorithms for appli- with 3D tracking enables the gaming capture and analyse 2D and 3D cations providing visibility through entertainment industry to create life- data in infrastructure monitoring smoke and fog in fixed and mobile like games based on real event data. on railways and roads. scenarios.


Imaging & Vision Handbook 2016/17 - Preview
Handbuch der Bildverarbeitung 2016 / 2017 - Preview


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