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Fireproof cables in accordance with EU CPR

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4 Fireproof cables in accordance with EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) Our Product Range: (further products and classes are available upon request) Energy and control cables NYY, (N)YY Eca PVC-sheathed cables Germany NYM, XYM, (N)YM, (N)YM-(ST) Eca Switzerland TT Eca Austria YM ÖVE Eca The Netherlands XMvK Eca YMvK mb Dca in preparation Denmark DK-N07VV-U/R Eca DK-05VV-U Eca X07VZ4V-U/R Eca Sweden EKK-LIGHT-F2 300/500 V Eca Halogen free sheathed cables Germany NHXMH, (N)HXMH, (N)HXMH(ST) Dca NHXMH-CLASSIC Cca in preparation NHXMH-PREMIUM B2ca in preparation Switzerland FE 0, FE 0 (ST) Dca Sweden S05XZ1-U in preparation PVC flexible cables H03VV-F, X03VV-F Eca H05VV-F, X05VV-F Eca Halogen free harmonised cables H03Z1Z1-F, H05Z1Z1-F in preparation PVC-single cores H05V-U, H05V-K Eca H07V-U, H07V-R, H07V-K Eca single cores, halogen free H07Z1-U, H07Z1-R, H07Z1-K in preparation PVC-control cables GLOBALFLEX ®, GLOBALFLEX ® -CY GLOBALFLEX ® -C GLOBALFLEX ® -C-COLOR GLOBALFLEX ® 0,6/1kV, GLOBALFLEX ® -CY 0,6/1kV Eca Eca Eca Control cables with international approvals GLOBALFLEX ® -H05VV5-F UL, CSA, VDE/HAR, CCC, EAC GLOBALFLEX ® -H05VVC4V5-K Eca GLOBALFLEX ® -UL-CSA GLOBALFLEX ® -UL-CSA-CY GLOBALFLEX ® -PREMIUM, GLOBALFLEX ® -PREMIUM-CY Eca Eca Eca Halogen free control cables GLOBALFLEX ® -H Dca GLOBALFLEX ® -CH in preparation XBK-KABEL

Fireproof cables in accordance with EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 5 Our Declaration of Conformity: (further declarations of conformity can also be found on our homepage: XBK-KABEL Xaver Bechtold GmbH · Postfach 11 64 · 78611 Rottweil Xaver Bechtold GmbH EU Declaration of Conformity / Declaration of Performance Nr. 17-0001-12 The manufacturer: XBK - KABEL Xaver Bechtold GmbH Unterdorf 101 78628 Rottweil Declares for the following product: PVC-control cables Type: GLOBALFLEX –JZ/-OZ/-JB/-OB the conformity with the applicable requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011, the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU and the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU. The following harmonised standards have been applied: • EN 50575:2014 • DIN EN 13501-6:2014 Intended use or uses: Cables for general applications in construction works. The notified body 1014 performed type testing and factory production control under system 3 and issued a certificate of constancy of performance and a certificate of conformity of the factory production control. Declared performance: Essential characteristics Performance Harmonised technical specification Fire classification: Eca EN 50575:2014 System or systems of assessment and verification of constancy of performance: System 3 in accordance with Construction Products Regulation (EU) 305/2011 The performance of the product identified above is in conformity with the declared performance. This declaration of performance is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. Signed for and on behalf of the manufacturer by: Rottweil, 31.01.2017 Haas Michael, Quality Management (name and function), XBK-KABEL Xaver Bechtold GmbH ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ XBK-KABEL Telefon: 0741 / 254-0 Kreissparkasse Rottweil Amtsgericht Stuttgart Xaver Bechtold GmbH Telefax (BLZ 642 500 40) HRB 725995 Unterdorf 101 Verkauf: 0741 / 254-143 Konto Nr. 14 986 Geschäftsführer: 78628 Rottweil-Bühlingen Versand: 0741 / 254-171 Johann Erich Wilms Einkauf: 0741 / 254-121 IBAN: DE13642500400000014986 USt-ID: DE260704520 Zentrale: 0741 / 254-112 BIC: SOLADES1RWL Our label: Our printing: XBK-KABEL VDE-REG.-Nr. 7014 GLOBALFLEX®-JZ 7G2,5 EAC DoP 17-0001-12 Eca XBK-KABEL

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