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Hybrid cables

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2 HYBRID CABLES XBK-INSTA-HYBRID TODAY`S WIRING New HYBRID CABLES complement approved Installation cables with today`s and tomorrow`s control technology. Combinations with Coaxial cables (digital), Data cables and KNX cables can be realised. Take advantage of your personal saving potential regarding planning, stocking, transport and installation costs. Which combination do you need for your application? We will manufacture for you the XBK-INSTA-HYBRID of your choice! This example shows various options of combinations of a HYBRID CABLE • PVC-sheathed cables (N)YM-J • Halogen free sheathed cables (N)HXMH-J • Energy and control cables (N)YY-J • Halogen free security cables (N)2XH • Data cables Cat.7, Cat.6 • Coaxial cables SAT/CATV-cables, Video-cables, RG-cables • Bus cables KNX/EIB, Profibus SMARTHOUSE XBK-KABEL

HYBRID CABLES 3 INDUSTRY 4.0 + = (N)YM-J J-Y(ST)Yh EIB (N)YM-J+EIB BUS Please let us know the components of your choice! We will be very pleased to let you have a quotation. XBK-KABEL

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