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User BenefitsRemarkable user benefits arise fromusing Siemens process analyzers inbioreactor applications because of· all required analyzers are availablefrom one single supplier,· the OXYMAT 61 is the only analyzeravailable for very accurate measurementsof small Oxygen contentdifferences in two gas streams withone bench· the ULTRAMAT 23 is the most economicalanalyzer by measuring thethree most important componentsin just one device, and the possibilityto get a complete analyzer systemplanned, manufactured, andinstalled by the Siemens SystemHouse.Features QuantraVery high Mass Resolution(20 000 at 100 amu)Exact mass determinationMass Accuracy +/- 0,0004 amu“Ion Ejection“ application toolRobust design of measurement cell, filament,and vacuum systemNo moving parts containedIon pumpTable 8Features and User Benefits of QuantraFeatures MAXUM edition IIUser BenefitsNo interferences of componentsof similarmassCorrect identification of componentsIdentification of unknown componentsDischarge of high concentrated componentsfor improved detection capabilitySuitable for operation in harsh process environmentLong sevice life, very low maintenance needsCell vacuum 10 -10 TorrNo mechanical vacuum pumps requiredUser BenefitsSingle or dual oven design, with 1 or 2 channelseach, for use in areas with or withoutexplosion hazardsOptimum adaption to actual analysis taskExtremely cost efficient operationRetrofit possible to include second oven later Low-cost expansion capabilityWide range of detectors available, includinghighly sensitive HID (Helium detector) fortrace analysis in high purity gasesMost versatile for optimum adaption to analysistaskValveless Live Column Switching technology Increased analyis capabilitiesLower maintenance requirementsParallel Chromatography: One complex applicationis split into a number of simple andparallel running applicationsDramatically reduced cycle timesSimplified maintenanceElectronic pressure controllerTCP/IP communication via EthernetNo needle valves requiredCompatibel to many networksTable 9Features and User Benefits of MAXUM edition IIIf you have any questions, please contact your local sales representative or any of the contact addresses below.Siemens AGA&D PI 2M Process AnalyticsOestliche Rheinbrueckenstr. 50D-76187 KarlsruheGermanySiemens Applied Automation500 West Highway 60Bartlesville, OK 74003U<strong>SA</strong>Siemens Pte. LimitedA&D PI2 Regional Head QuarterThe Siemens Center60 MacPherson RoadSingapore 348615Tel.: +49 721 595 4234Fax: +49 721 595 6375E-Mail:processanalytics@siemens.comwww.processanalytics.comTel.: +1 918 662 7000Fax: +1 918 662 7052E-Mail: saaisales@sea.siemens.comwww.sea.siemens.com/iaTel.: +65 6490 8702Fax: +65 6490 8703E-Mail: splanalytics.sgp@siemens.comwww.processanalytics.comAll designations marked in this ProductBrief with ® are registered trademarksof Siemens AG.Siemens AktiengesellschaftAutomation and DrivesProcess Instrumentation and AnalyticsD-76181 Karlsruhe© Siemens AG 2003Subject to change

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