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1. FXDD’s BusinessFXDD (the “Company”) is a global leader in the online foreign exchange (“FX”) business.The Company provides access to the spot FX market for individual and institutionalinvestors with various degrees of risk appetite and sophistication.FXDD was founded in 2002 by Tradition (North America, Inc.), a division ofCompagnie Financiere Tradition in Lausanne, Switzerland (“Tradition”), andAdvanced Technologies Group Ltd. (“ATG”). Current members of the Companyare Max Q Investments, LLC (80%) and Tradition North America (20%).FXDD Malta LTD started operations in Malta in 2010 to cater to non US clients worldwide offering higher leverage terms.FXDD maintains streaming prices for the exclusive use of its clients in no less than 33spot trading pairs. Our clients are able to execute trades in the spot foreign exchange,precious metal, and commodities markets on the FXDD trading platforms forspeculation in price change or for hedging purposes. By providing bid-offer spreads toits client base, FXDD is able to capture this spread. Most of FXDD’s revenue is derivedfrom capturing the difference imbedded in the spread. This particular business modelplaces FXDD in the middle of the transaction and opens it to limited exposure based onadverse market movements.FXDD employs several strategies to mitigate the risk of excessive adverse directionalvolatility. At any time, FXDD can offload risk and thus reduce or eliminate its exposureto our liquidity providers by accessing virtually unlimited trading lines.To professionally serve and expand our customer base, FXDD has developed a suiteof products that appeals to each specific group of customers. These products includeour Power Trader (multi-bank ECN) platform, which appeals to our institutionaland professional clients, and Mirror Trader, which offers multiple trading systemsautomation to our more retail-driven customer base. The Company is one of the veryfew online FX platforms capable of offering such a variety of options.45

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