Untitled - Standartizacijos departamentas prie AM


Untitled - Standartizacijos departamentas prie AM



Ratifikuoti Europos standartai neturi Europos standartø statuso,

jei jie neperimti kaip Lietuvos standartai.

CEN/SS M18 EN 15800:2008

Cylindrical helical springs made of round wire - Quality

specifications for cold coiled compression springs

CEN/TC 12 EN ISO 25457:2008

Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries

- Flare details for general refinery and petrochemical

service (ISO 25457:2008)

CEN/TC 54 EN 13445-3:2002/A16:2008

Unfired pressure vessels - Part 3: Design

CEN/TC 55 EN ISO 7405:2008

Dentistry - Evaluation of biocompatibility of medical

devices used in dentistry (ISO 7405:2008)

CEN/TC 89 EN 13363-1:2003+A1:2007/AC:2008

Solar protection devices combined with glazing -

Calculation of solar and light transmittance - Part 1:

Simplified method

CEN/TC 98 EN 1493:1998+A1:2008

Vehicle lifts

CEN/TC 98 EN 1494:2000+A1:2008

Mobile or movable jacks and associated lifting


CEN/TC 114 EN 1093-1:2008

Safety of machinery - Evaluation of the emission of

airborne hazardous substances - Part 1: Selection of

test methods

CEN/TC 121 EN ISO 15011-4:2006/A1:2008

Health and safety in welding and allied processes -

Laboratory method for sampling fume and gases - Part 4:

Fume data sheets - Amendment 1 (ISO 15011-4:2006/


CEN/TC 124 EN 14081-4:2005+A4:2008

Timber structures - Strength graded structural timber

with rectangular cross section - Part 4: Machine

grading - Grading machine settings for machine

controlled systems

CEN/TC 126 EN ISO 3822-1:1999/A1:2008

Acoustics - Laboratory tests on noise emission from

appliances and equipment used in water supply

installations - Part 1: Method of measurement -

Amendment 1: Measurement uncertainty

(ISO 3822-1:1999/Amd 1:2008)

CEN/TC 131 EN 676:2003+A2:2008/AC:2008

Automatic forced draught burners for gaseous fuels

CEN/TC 138 EN 583-6:2008

Non-destructive testing - Ultrasonic examination -

Part 6: Time-of-flight diffraction technique as a method

for detection and sizing of discontinuities

CEN/TC 149 EN 15095:2007+A1:2008

Power-operated mobile racking and shelving,

carousels and storage lifts - Safety requirements

CEN/TC 151 EN 13019:2001+A1:2008

Machines for road surface cleaning - Safety


CEN/TC 151 EN 13021:2003+A1:2008

Winter service machines - Safety requirements

CEN/TC 153 EN 15166:2008

Food processing machinery - Automatic back splitting

machines of butchery carcasses - Safety and hygiene


CEN/TC 166 EN 1858:2008

Chimneys - Components - Concrete flue blocks

CEN/TC 172 EN ISO 7263:2008

Corrugating medium - Determination of the flat crush

resistance after laboratory fluting (ISO 7263:2008)

CEN/TC 175 EN 13696:2008

Wood flooring - Test methods to determine elasticity

and resistance to wear and impact resistance

CEN/TC 175 EN 15644:2008

Traditionally designed prefabricated stairs made of

solid wood - Specifications and requirements

CEN/TC 189 EN ISO 25619-1:2008

Geosynthetics - Determination of compression

behaviour - Part 1: Compressive creep properties

(ISO 25619-1:2008)

CEN/TC 189 EN ISO 25619-2:2008

Geosynthetics - Determination of compression

behaviour - Part 2: Determination of short-term

compression behaviour (ISO 25619-2:2008)

CEN/TC 192 EN 14710-1:2005+A2:2008

Fire-fighting pumps - Fire-fighting centrifugal pumps

without primer - Part 1: Classification, general and

safety requirements

CEN/TC 192 EN 14710-2:2005+A2:2008

Fire-fighting pumps - Fire-fighting centrifugal pumps

without primer - Part 2: Verification of general and

safety requirements

CEN/TC 224 EN 14890-1:2008

Application Interface for smart cards used as Secure

Signature Creation Devices - Part 1: Basic services

CEN/TC 229 CEN/TR 15739:2008

Precast concrete products - Concrete finishes -


CEN/TC 249 EN 15702:2008

Cellular Plastics - Cell count procedure for flexible

and rigid polyurethane

CEN/TC 249 EN ISO 2439:2008

Flexible cellular polymeric materials - Determination

of hardness (indentation technique) (ISO 2439:2008)

CEN/TC 249 EN ISO 28941-1:2008

Plastics - Poly(phenylene ether) (PPE) moulding and

extrusion materials - Part 1: Designation system and

basis for specifications (ISO 28941-1:2008)

CEN/TC 250 EN 1990:2002/A1:2005/AC:2008

Eurocode - Basis of structural design

CEN/TC 260 EN 15704:2008

Liming materials - Determination of the breakdown of

granulated calcium and calcium/magnesium

carbonates under the influence of water

CEN/TC 261 EN 15507:2008

Packaging - Transport packaging for dangerous

goods - Comparative material testing of polyethylene


CEN/TC 261 EN 15543:2008/AC:2008

Glass packaging - Finishes for bottles - Screw thread

finishes for bottles for non-carbonated liquids

CEN/TC 262 EN ISO 2081:2008

Metallic and other inorganic coatings - Electroplated

coatings of zinc with supplementary treatments on

iron or steel (ISO 2081:2008)


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