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Get to the Future First!

Taking Marketing and Communications into the 21st Century

As we move into the 21st Century, significant changes taking place in business mean

marketing and communications will take on a very different character.

Issues such as globalisation - creating one global image in one global marketplace

whilst integrating national communications objectives, a 24 hour economy,

increasing reliance on electronic media and ever-increasing forces of competition,

are emergmg.

Wim van Nunen

Hunterskil Howard International

Communications & Marketing


This means our clients in the

business-to business sector place

increasing reliance on services which

can rea lly transform their specific

present and future business

objectives into effective business


H unterski I Howard International

Communications & Marketing has

recently reorganised to meet the

needs of our clients in the new

Millennium after a detailed

examination of those cli ents and

their markets and how each of those

are developing.

Looking at our clients and how they

are structured, we have developed an

organisation that mirrors

International blue-chip companies in

the global business-to-business


The one common goal to all our

clients, is to get ahead, and stay

ahead, of competitors. Hence our

own corporate slogan is;

'Get to the future first!'.

What do our clients want?

• One global image in the marketplace,

uniform (non-conflicting)


Developing an image that transcends

borders and appeals across the World

is not a simple task, but one in wh ich

we have years of experience.

Communicating to each and every

relevant target audience with

consistency and impact and

identifying which messages will get

the desired results is a vital part of

our consultancy service.

• National organisations that work

together to create global advantage

in the marketplace

Advantages are less based on real

intrinsic product benefits, but more

on how customers perceive those

products. Perceptions about products

and brands become more important.

As do the people working within

those organisations and their

contribution towards goals, hence

our product offer has extended from

Marketing Communications, to

Corporate Communications,

including internal communications

to inform and motivate staff.

• Branding

(as already mentioned) managing the

perceived value of products, services

and companies.

• Digital Marketing

In a global economy where products

need to get to market faster and

product life cycles are getting

increasingly shorter, digitisation and

electronic communications are

becoming increasingly important.


Oigitising assets, making them

available to clients world-wide,

collecting information in databases

and database publishing are all

becoming increasingly important.

With new global and electroni c

media(such as Internet) taking

becoming prominent we are offering

exactly what our clients need to stay

ahead of the competition.

What we offer

An International Network

Our organisation now has a structure

which is modelled on that of our

clients with presence across Europe

and in the USA. In Eindhoven we

have a large resource centre,

strengthened by a network of local

offices in London and Southampton,

Brussels, Cologne, Paris and


Local consultancy allows us to tailor

concepts and ideas developed in our

resource centre in different media

and different languages. Sometimes

we produce items in more than 20

languages, and even more varieties

to adapt, or localise global concepts

to local communications.

Consultancy in all time-zones in the

world means we can be there when

and where our clients need us, 24hours

a day to provide constant help

in getting to the future first.

Product offers individually tailored

to our clients' needs

Our services are now presented in

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