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And that's what it is all about! The

number of jobs at the waterfront!

Because more jobs for the same

amount of work implies higher cost,

lower productivity, and nothing like

'best practices' . Imagine an industry

where the union dictates the

workpractises and decides how many

men are needed to do the job.

Having one crane and two drivers

does imply that each of them can

only work half of the time they are

actually at work. Double-time-and-ahalf

on the weekends makes it hard

to run a 24-hour operation

competitively. And what about a

straddle driver earning A$90,000 a

year. ... while he effectively works

less 50 percent of the time he is

being paid for!

Patrick thus ended up having an

operation where there were too many

Marion Kloos down under. ..

men to do the job and a low

occupancy rate of their equipment.

The new labour force that came in

worked on different contracts with

different work practises. Not yet as

effective as the old wharfies, but

very promising ....

This was however not yet the end of

the MUA. They went to court, and in

the end the High Court decided that

Patrick had to reinstate the old

workforce. The MUA claimed

victory and was stronger than ever

before! But Patrick claimed that the

old company was not viable

anymore, so the judge decided to

assign an administrator to see if he

could get the company back up

runnmg agam.

As the wharfies wa lked back in the

gates, the showed what they were

capable of. Crane rates of 30


Juli 1998

containers per hour were achieved

(previously 18), while the MUA

always claimed that that was

impossible with the equipment

provided to them (although some of

Patrick's terminals are around the

most advanced terminals in the

world). The average moves per

straddle went up 25 percent and the

wharfies showed a positive working


So, the MUA is back at the table,

negotiating the workpractises with

Patrick. Knowing that there is a nonunion

workforce out there, eager to

take over their jobs, discussing real

waterfront reform to bring the

Australi an waterfront at the level of

world 's best practice.

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