Periodiek 50 - Stichting Vredescentrum Eindhoven

Periodiek 50 - Stichting Vredescentrum Eindhoven

Two varieties of the schematic ground plan of Shambhala, once based on

a circle, once base on a square, in any case with impressive dimensions,

containing hundreds and hundreds of harmoniously structured towns and sub

towns, sketches by the author, 2005

In the Greek-Roman culture there also was

Hyperborealis, the place of Apollon (gr.) or Apollo

(rom.), with other words a heaven on earth.

Homer mentioned in the Odysee a similar auspicious


The epos on Gilgamesh as well as the story on the

Holy Grail both contain a similar, very desirable


In the Chinese tradition, there is the Hsi Wang

Mu Palace, the Palace of Immortality beside

the peaches flower river located in the Kunlun


Possibly synonyms for the already mentioned

Shambhala might be Khembalung, Uttarkuru,

and Olmolungring, all in the area of India – China

– Mongolia; the place, where the teaching of

kalachakra, the highest wisdom is practised.

The Gathering of the Attar Birds seems to be another

similar story.

Free Masons, who work on the ‘perfection of the

cube’, representing humankind, and Rosenkrucians

knowing a City of the Future can be added to the

objective of The Space and Place of Harmony and


Op weg naar Shambhala, schilderij door Nicholas Roerich, see please also VTP 43,

april 2006, ‘Al meer dan 70 jaar Pax Cultura’, pg.20 en omslag

VredesTertsPeriodiek Stichting Vredescentrum Eindhoven

‘Preconstruction’ or vision of the New Jerusalem,

the city of the future, square shaped, founded

on gem stones, with three ports on each

side, transparent, like shiny gold, without any

‘church’, … Design: the author, 1968, see please

also VTP 26, april 2000, ‘Preconstructie: de stad

van de toekomst in een vreedzaam tijdsperk,

geinspireerd door de Apocalyps, (Bouwkundige

vredesprojecten pg. 12-15)

Jaargang 18, nr 50, september 2009


Inthe Occidental Culture and after Ancient Times,

again we see more or less ‘dream places’, especially

in literature, similarly, as we found them in the era

before and mainly in the East.

Dante Alighieri spent attention to this phenomenon

in the ‘Comedia Divina’.

Thomas Morus wrote the famous book ‘Utopia’.

Francois-Marie Aronet Voltaire wrote about

Eldorado in Candide and shows interesting parallels

with Shambhala.

Another analogy describes Rene Daumal in ‘Mount


‘Das Glasperlenspiel’ by Hermann Hesse plays

in a time and in an area, where a nearly ideal

community exists.

James Hilton wrote ‘Lost Horizon’, in which the place

Shangri-La reminds on Shambhala, and this book got

a film-version as well.

Thomas Mann is the author of ‘Der Zauberberg’,

what also seems to be inspired by the old traditions

from far.

Ayn Rand used similarly – at least partially – the old

‘model in ‘Atlas Shrugged’.

‘Reise nach Felicitanien oder meine kleine Contessa’

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