Franco! Postzegeljaarboek 1986; Franco! Postage Stamp Yearbook 1986

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Written by Rudie Kagie and Paul Hefting, designed by Gerard Hadders and Erik Prinsen. Photography by Pieter Vandermeer.

For decades the Dutch PTT published yearbooks on postage stamp issues. The Art + Design Department of the PTT were the executive agency for the design and production of these stamps which were produced by the millions to facilitate the then booming market for – physical – mail.
The design assignments were traditionally given out to different individual graphic designers with – often – strongly different design approaches and solutions. The Art + Design Dept. thus created during the years an interesting overview of the – then very prolific - Dutch graphic design landscape.
The yearbook concentrated on the process of design and thus always included preliminary sketches which offered a peek into the creating brain of the designer.
This issue includes an essay by the renowned Dutch Journalist Rudie Kagie on the changing topics of stamps in general and in former communist countries as a special interest.

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