7 - Nederlandse Vereniging van bioMedisch ...


7 - Nederlandse Vereniging van bioMedisch ...

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Sanquin Reagents introduces new

PeliCase, the first Quality Survey to

test your various lab skills in Blood

Group Serology. And to compare

yourself with colleagues worldwide.

A great way to improve, test and

match your personal lab skills four

times a year. Will you be the first

professional in your lab to be

PeliCase Certified

For more information

call +31 20 5123599 or

email: reagents@sanquin.nl

This is how PeliCase works:

1) Buy an annual subscription via


2) Four times per annum you receive

a PeliCase panel, containing test

samples and patient case details.

3) Submit your lab results to

the designated site before

the closing date. Explanation

report immediately available.

4) After the closing date you can

re-enter the site and see the

anonymous test results of all

participants - including your own

performance in comparison with

all participants.


Analyse september 2010

Blood and Beyond

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