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Gay&Night Oktober 2016

Interviews met Koos van Plateringen (Expeditie Robinson), ontwerper Harald Ligtvoet, uitbaters van gay bookshop Kartonnen Dozen en meer!

223 Jennifer Hopelezz

223 Jennifer Hopelezz HOW TO KILL THE SCENE In the afterglow of a Europride that showcased the best of gay Amsterdam, it’s easy to forget how much smaller the local scene has actually become. The front page obituary in local paper Het Parool last spring for the Reguliersdwarsstraat as a gay street, though exaggerated, summed it up best. I t’s another milestone in the slow demise of a gay Amsterdam, although one that some see as a sign that emancipation is so complete that a visible scene is no longer necessary. In any case, Amsterdam, ever the ‘gidsstad’, has unwittingly provided a textbook example of how to knock off a city’s thriving gay scene. Here is how you do it, in two easy steps: Step 1- Identify what makes the scene truly unique What marketers call the unique selling point, I would describe as the goose that lays the golden egg. In gay Amsterdam it was sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll (or disco or house, depending on your era). In the 50’s, that meant two men or two women just being able to dance together without police harassment in clubs like DOK and De Schakel. In the 60’s and 70’s, it meant sexual freedom with the blossoming of cruise areas, saunas and dark rooms. We had some of the rst leather clubs in the world. Even Freddy Mercury ew over from the U.K to visit them. Step 2- Shoot the goose For undoubtedly many good “city marketing” reasons, Amsterdam has strived to eliminate its naughty image to go upmarket, with countless new anti-sex and drugs policies. The ‘sex’ has been taken out of homosexual (I guess that makes us homouals?). The Red Light District has also fallen victim to this new moralism. Amsterdam is going for the luxury market. I love a little pampering every now and then -but we’ve closed down the underground, the alternative, the sexual and the queer to do it- the very birthplace of our community. We’ve paved paradise and put up a Waldorf Astoria. This is our city and we are the ones to determine its future. It’s up to us whether we let the gay scene disappear altogether. We can throw parties, launch new events or businesses. We can vote for truly liberal politicians. We can ght against the moralists and aunt our sex and sexuality as we see t. Because the death of our gay scene is not a sign of liberation- it’s a suppression of what makes us unique. Greek-Australian Jennifer Hopelezz (38) arrived in Amsterdam in 1990. She (co-) started Pink Point, Homomonument Festivals, Drag Olympics and SuperBall. Nowadays she’s co-owner of Club Church, Sauna Nieuwezijds & board member of Gala. She is mother of the House of Hopelezz and lives apart together with her 3 ancées & more than 50 children. Foto: Jennifer Hopelezz

Columns Mounir Samuel Gay sex in the city BUTCH OF FEMME? BODILY FLUIDS Ik heb ontdekt dat het niet genoeg is dat heel Nederland mij een transman noemt terwijl ik me eigenlijk genderqueer voel. Ik blijk me nóg nader toe te moeten lichten. Namelijk: ben ik óf transfemme óf transmasculine? De vraag wordt opgeroepen in een lmpje van een vlogger die zich boos maakt over de discriminatie van transmannen dóór transmannen. Bij homoseksuelen wordt onderscheid gemaakt tussen de befaamde top en bottom (en nog twintig (sub)categorieën). Lesbiennes laten zich femme maar niet butch noemen. En nu blijken er ook voor transmannen onderverdelingen te bestaan. We moeten nóg verder opgesplitst en onderverdeeld worden. Het is uiterst kwalijk, die hele nadruk op ‘mannelijker’ en ‘vrouwelijker’. In het verlangen door de grote heteroseksuele buitenwereld vooral als een ‘echte man’ te worden gezien, kijkt de transmasculine man neer op de transfemme die net wat ‘vrouwelijker’ is. Whatever that may be. “Het gaat erom of je passt,” legt een transvriend mij uit. “Word je door de buitenwereld volledig als man gezien, of als trans?” Van binnen ben je zo mannelijk als je je voelt, maar er is dus een nieuwe norm. Een reactie als “Oh, van jou had ik het echt niet verwacht” is een compliment. Als je maar vooral niet te ‘nichterig’ bent, of te ‘potteus’, te ‘vrouwelijk’, te ‘feminien’ of te ‘trans’. Blijft de heterowereld dan toch het grote voorbeeld? De heteroseksuele mánnenwereld welteverstaan? Laten we eerlijk zijn: al dat machogedrag, het transmasculiene gedoe en de weerwil van butch vrouwen is allemaal seksisme. Vrouwen, óók lesbiennes, moeten vooral zo vrouwelijk mogelijk zijn, want dat vindt híj -de rechtgeaarde man met zijn geslachtsdeel, leuk. En de homoseksuele man moet vooral een gespierde testosteronbom zijn zonder handtas, anders valt hij niet op naast de eerder genoemde, rechtgeaarde patriarch. Giving vs. receiving, domination vs. submission, active vs. passive; whatever you like to call this form of interaction, it will always be part of the physical intimacy. And since everyone has their own idea of either role, things might get tricky as many people’s preferences are revealed at the most unguarded moment. Lately, when I bottom, I notice that some tops feel the need for an extra, often unwarned, twist to seal their superiority. Like when I went for a quick cruise to Bar The Web in Amsterdam. A gorgeous 33-year old Egyptian caught my eye and we swiftly moved on to a dimly lit private space. Appropriately aggressive with his moves he quickly turned me on to go down and serve his rock-hard cock. It was in the middle of deepthroating that he pulled his member out of my mouth, made me face up and released a portion of his saliva that quickly ended up on my tongue. Not having registered my nonverbal sign when I turned my head to the side, he continued spitting until I got up and turned around to have him fuck me from behind instead, mainly to avoid more of his saliva in my mouth and in my eyes. Some male animals piss on objects and inseminate females to claim territory. I am sure this has some connection to the fascination with golden showers and cum facials in the human sex world. The act of spitting has a different context however: it is universally seen as the expression of disgust or disrespect. And while some gladly see this as an extra kick, others might be less than thrilled receiving a humiliating spit in the face during sex, let alone if the saliva has an unnatural or unhealthy texture. If there was no prior verbal agreement, testing it carefully mouth-tomouth will give your partner an idea of what you’re up to. If he shows no enthusiasm, move on to something else. And if he is into it, you’ll know! De afkeer van nichterigheid, vrouwelijkheid of feminien gedrag laat zien dat we anno 2016 vrouwen nog steeds minderwaardig vinden en als transman vooral niet vrouwelijk willen ogen. En dan hebben we het over homo-emancipatie. Zullen we eerst eens met de emancipatie van de vrouw in in onszelf beginnen? Mounir Samuel (1989) is politicoloog, Midden-Oostendeskundige, opiniemaker en auteur. Misha M lives and works in Amsterdam. Part-time songwriter and parttime masseur, the USSR-born former New Yorker shares his dating and sex life stories and experiences, and the lessons he has learned from them. Foto: Ernst Coppejans Foto: Mgr Madhatter 223 025

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