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26 APRIL 2018

26 APRIL 2018 INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP Why are people living with HIV still stigmatized this day of age? 160

AFRIKA FILMFESTIVAL AND THE INSTITUTE OF TROPICAL MEDICINE PRESENT Why are people living with HIV still stigmatized this day of age? AN INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP ON THE STIGMATIZATION OF INDIVIDUALS LIVING WITH HIV. HIV-related stigma is still persistent around the world with a lot of consequences for the people living with HIV, both on an individual level as community level. This stigma affects the mental health and wellbeing of people living with HIV. Due to the fear of stigma, community members don't want to take an HIV test or use condoms, thus stigma continues to fuel the epidemic. Many people have a stigmatizing attitude and behaviour and are not aware of its consequences. Dr. Lazare Manirankunda did research about HIV-related stigma in the sub- Saharan African community and will share his results with us. Afterwards we'll go into discussion with each other based on a few statements and see which interventions are possible to reduce stigma together. Dr. Lazare Manirankunda got a master in biomedical tropical sciences at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in 1996. He has been working with the HIV-SAM project of the Institute of Tropical Medicine since 1999. He is currently responsible for HIV prevention and promotion of sexual health for Sub-Saharan African migrants living in Flanders. Dr Manirankunda has been applying the community-based approach to reach the target group and to implement the activities for HIV prevention and HIV testing. The workshop is open to everybody but there is a limit to participants, so registration is needed REGISTRATION VIA WWW.AFRIKAFILMFESTIVALWORKSHOP.BE 26.04.2018 08.00 - 10.00 PM PANGAEA A. VESALIUSSTRAAT 34, 3000 LEUVEN 161

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