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MULTI STAKEHOLDER RESEARCH GRANTS KU Leuven aims to build and share expertise within the field of development cooperation with nonacademic actors, in particular NGOs. Therefore, a grant call is open to stimulate young KU Leuven researchers to cooperate with colleagues in developing countries, in order to address those development challenges that are clearly linked to one of the Sustainable Development Goals and identified by NGOs. Three types of direct impact are expected from the projects: the production of quality research on a development-relevant topic the practical use of this research by a Belgian or local civil society organization, the creation of research relations from which future projects may arise, such as VLIR-UOS TEAM/South Initiatives Next to this, the grant envisages a strenghtened capacity in this type of cooperation by: making NGOs more acquainted with evidence-based and science-based interventions allowing young researchers, both at KU Leuven and in the South, to broaden their horizon by collaborating both with each other and with NGOs. The official Belgian development policy may serve as a guideline on why this type of multi-stakeholder collaboration is important within international development. More info: 176


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