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Y o u a r e a l s o a n e n t h u s i a s t y o u r s e l f . D o y o u

h a v e a p r e f e r e n c e f o r c e r ta i n c l a s s i c c a r s ?

Maarten @ RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island Auction

2019 - Andrew Miterko © 2019

Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

“As I come from the art world, I am more visually

oriented. Whether it’s from Pininfarina,

Zagato or Bertone: I find beautifully designed

cars interesting. In the top segment,

good examples are a Ferrari 250 SWB or a

BMW 507. However, I also really like an original

Fiat Cinquecento. At home I have, among

other things, a large Land Rover Defender

from 1985.”

A n o v e lt y at R M S o t h e b y ’ s t h i s y e a r i s t h e a u c -

t i o n i n E s s e n , G e r m a n y . W h y t h e c h o i c e f o r t h i s

l o c at i o n ?

As an auctioneer at RM Sotheby’s, Maarten

ten Holder sees the dreams of many car

enthusiasts come true. He himself is passionate

about his job and travels around the

world. New in 2019 are the auctions at Techno

Classica in Essen (Germany) and the Formula

1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi (United Arab


W i t h i n R M S o t h e b y ’ s , y o u a r e r e s p o n s i b l e f o r

t h e o f f i c e i n E u r o p e a n d y o u ta k e c a r e o f a l m o s t

a l l a u c t i o n s w o r l d w i d e . H o w d i d y o u e n d u p i n

L o n d o n a s a D u t c h m a n ?

“For art auction house Sotheby’s, I left the

Netherlands via Italy for the United States

to become managing director there. Eventually

I came back from America to London to

become the managing director of Europe. I

was planning to move to America again, but

then I was offered this job at RM Sotheby’s

and I found it very interesting. My family now

lives in America, I work in London and sometimes

go back to America or to Utrecht.”

“We always try to collaborate with other important

events in the collection cars industry.

We would like to be linked to another

strong brand, in this case the Techno Classica

Essen car show. Many of our customers -

both buyers and sellers - come from Germany.

However, there was not yet an auction of

world allure that the country actually deserves,

hence the choice. We think there is certainly

an audience for such an auction. It will

also be our largest regular auction on our

annual calendar with more than two hundred

cars ranging from 15,000 to 2.5 million

euros, including a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

Roadster from 1959, a Mercedes-Benz 540

K Cabriolet A from 1937 or a Bugatti Veyron

16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse from 2013. There is

also a young-timer collection with cars from

the eighties and nineties, including some

progressive AMGs and Alpina’s.”

W h at d o y o u f i n d s o i n t e r e s t i n g a b o u t t h i s j o b ?

“RM Sotheby’s is still a relatively young

company for an auction house. We are celebrating

our 40th birthday this year, while

Sotheby’s has been around for 275 years. On

the one hand, there is already some experience,

but there is also room to undertake

many new things. I am passionate about art

and cars. The subject of the job is therefore

also interesting. Moreover, the customers

who come to the car auctions are usually

very committed. Dreams that start from an

early age become reality at a car auction.”

Essen Youngtimer Collection

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