RILSAN® Polyamide 11 in Oil & Gas Off - HCL Fasteners Ltd

RILSAN® Polyamide 11 in Oil & Gas Off - HCL Fasteners Ltd



General introduction and

material overview

The term umbilical is applied to

connective systems between underwater

equipment such as wellheads, subsea

manifolds or remote operated vehicles


An umbilical generally consists of a group

of hydraulic lines, injection lines and/or

electrical cables bundled together in a

flexible arrangement, sheathed and

sometimes armored for mechanical

strength and/or a specific buoyancy.

Related information describing

recommended practice can be found in

the API documents 17R, but also in

API 17B and API 17J on flexible pipes.

Specific examples of structures are given


Fig.1 Umbilical cross sections

PA11 hydraulic

hose 1/2”


PA11 hydraulic

hose 1”

PP fillers

A range of materials comes into play to

make up the entire structure:

• carbon steel for the armor

• metals for electrical wire

• cable sheathing

• different thermoplastics for the

injection and hydraulic lines

• fiber reinforcement, often aramid

fibers are used

• outer sheathing of umbilical, often

polyethylene or polyurethane

• duplex steel for hydraulic lines

Extruded pipe made from polyamide 11,

in combination with an aramid braiding

and subsequently sheathed with another

layer of polyamide, provides a very

reliable hose possessing high flexibility,

very high pressure performance, unlimited

seamless tube length and long life in

harsh offshore environments.

Power cables

Tape binder

PE sheath

PP separator

Steel armor wires and outer sheath Steel armor wires

Outer sheath

PP fillers

PA11 hydraulic

hose 1/2”