Download - Norsk biokjemisk selskap

Download - Norsk biokjemisk selskap


and analysis of microarray data as well as the

development and launch of several programs for

advanced microarray data analysis, all provided

free of charge for NMC users. Lastly – and

importantly, we have been able to recruit skilled

technical and scientifi c personnel to participate

in the running of our services and the further

development of the techniques.

During the years, our activities have shifted

from printing arrays and assisting scientists

in running the experiments and analysis

themselves, to a more complete service where

the users provide RNA or DNA and we subsequently

perform experiments and basic data

analysis. As the array technology has become

more and more robust, our main eff orts are

now directed towards the bioinformatics bottleneck.

At the moment, we both support users

wanting to perform the analysis themselves

in a step-by-step manner by e.g. web-based

guides, as well as providing comprehensive

data analysis as part of our service. However,

we still produce oligonucleotide arrays, both

human, rat and mouse, as well as user-defi ned

custom arrays based on less described organisms

and alternative array formats (i.e. E. faecalis,


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