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Bachelor – Mediedesign NTNU Gjøvik

Min bachelor i mediedesign ved NTNU Gjøvik.

371 394 401 435 492 504

371 394 401 435 492 504 531 Articles From the Editor’s Desk Reflections on an Increasingly Long Career Charles H. Sides Boom, bust, and beyond My Experience as a Technical Communicator George Hayhoe In Pursuit of a Rewarding Career Avon J. Murphy Building Identity and Community Through Research Carolyn D. Rude My Career and the «Rhetoric of» Technical Writing and Communication Mary Lay Schuster Learning to Teach and Do Thomas L. Warren The Continuing Evolution of a Profession... and My Role in it Roger A. Grice 601 648 673 Book Reviews Everyday genres: Writing assignments across the diciplines by Mary Soliday Reviewed by Elizabeth Robinson Culture, communication, and cyberspace. Rethinking technical communication for international environments by Kirk St. Amant & Fillipp Sapienza Reviewed by Stephen H. Brasher Silence and listening as rethorical arts by Cheryl Glenn & Krista Ratcliffe Reviewed by Emily Loader The Journal of Technical Writing & Communication S O C I E T Y Vol. 45 No. 4 2017 The Journal of Technical Writing & Communication society Vol. 45 No. 4 2017 12 MARLENE ANGELICA SJONSTI-BJØRNSEN BACHELOR MEDIEDESIGN NTNU I GJØVIK

363 365 381 403 425 437 Articles Book Reviews From the editor’s desk Technical Communication Charles H. Sides Examining Scientific and Technical Writing and Strategies in the 11th Century Chinese Science Book: Brush Talks from Dream Book Yuejiao Zhang Cosmopolitanism: Extending Our Theoretical Framework for Transcultural Technical Communication Research and Teaching Zsuzsanna Bacsa Palmer 457 648 Rhetorical Strategies and Genre Conventions in Literary Studies: Teaching and Writing in the Disciplines, by Laura Wilder Reviewed by Mary Jo Wiatrak-Uhlenkott Document Design: A Guide for Technical Communicators, by Felice C. Frankel and Angela H. DePace Reviewed by Miles Kimball Metaphor-Laced Language of Computer Science and Receptor Community Users Abbas Mehrpooya and Negar Nowroozzadeh Improving Scientific Voice in the Science Communication Center at UX Knoxville Russel Hirst The 2010 Citizens Clean Elections Voter Education Guide: Constructing the “Illegal Immigrant” in the Arizona Voter Justin G. Whitey The Journal of Technical Writing & Communication M A N A G E M E N T Vol. 45 No. 2 2017 The Journal of Technical Writing & Communication management Vol. 45 No. 2 2017 THE JOURNAL OF TECHNICAL WRITING AND COMMUNICATION TIDSSKRIFT 13

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