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Bachelor – Mediedesign NTNU Gjøvik

Min bachelor i mediedesign ved NTNU Gjøvik.

235 237 261 289 317 333

235 237 261 289 317 333 Articles From the editor’s desk World War II Charles H. Sides The State of Technical Communication in the Former USSR: A Review of Literature Pavel Zemliansky and Kirk St. Amant The Rhetorical Construction of Social Classes in the Reports of Stalin’s Secret Police Dmitri Stanchevici Contained Agency in Corporate Social Media Policy Ryan Weber Online Social Networking Across Cultures: An Exploration of Divergent and Common Practices Michelle Salmona, James Melton, and Robert Miller Time Talk: On Small Changes that Enact Infrastructural Mentoring for Undergraduate Women in Technical Fields Patricia Sullivan and Kristen Moore 355 Book Reviews Listen, Write. Present. The Elements for Communicating Science and Technology, by Stephanie Roberson Barnard and Deborah St James Reviewed by Laurel A. Canglose Medhurst The Journal of Technical Writing & Communication G O V E R N M E N T Vol. 45 No. 3 2017 The Journal of Technical Writing & Communication government Vol. 45 No. 3 2017 14 MARLENE ANGELICA SJONSTI-BJØRNSEN BACHELOR MEDIEDESIGN NTNU I GJØVIK

119 121 145 165 181 201 Articles From the Editor’s Desk The History of our Discipline Charles H. Sides Elsie Ray and the Founding of STC Edward A. Malone Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Falconry Manuals: Technical Writing with a Classical Rhetorical Influence John T. Battalio Metonymy and Plain Language Kim Garwood A “Virtual” Friendship”: Service Learning in Distance Education Technical Writing Courses Krista M. Soria and Brad Weiner Moving Towards Ethnorelativism: A Framework for Measuring and Meeting Students’ Needs in Cross-Cultural Business and Technical Communication Junhua Wang 219 223 227 Book Reviews The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement by Jean M. Twenge and W. Keith Campbell Reviewed by Bruce Maylath and Abigail Bakke Visual Strategies, A Practical Guide to Graphics for Scientists & Engineers by Felice C. Frankel and Angela H. DePace Reviewed by Miles Kimball Document Design: A Guide for Technical Communicators by Miles A. Kimball and Ann R. Hawkins Reviewed by John Casey Gooch The Journal of Technical Writing & Communication A C A D E M I A Vol. 45 No. 4 2017 The Journal of Technical Writing & Communication academia Vol. 45 No. 4 2017 THE JOURNAL OF TECHNICAL WRITING AND COMMUNICATION TIDSSKRIFT 15

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finner du nå som pdf fil - Hybrida - NTNU