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Bachelor – Mediedesign NTNU Gjøvik

Min bachelor i mediedesign ved NTNU Gjøvik.

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371 394 401 435 492 504 531 601 648 673 Articles From the Editor’s Desk Reflections on an Increasingly Long Career Charles H. Sides Boom, bust, and beyond My Experience as a Technical Communicator George Hayhoe In Pursuit of a Rewarding Career Avon J. Murphy Building Identity and Community Through Research Carolyn D. Rude My Career and the «Rhetoric of» Technical Writing and Communication Mary Lay Schuster Learning to Teach and Do Thomas L. Warren The Continuing Evolution of a Profession... and My Role in it Roger A. Grice Book Reviews Everyday genres: Writing assignments across the diciplines by Mary Soliday Reviewed by Elizabeth Robinson Culture, communication, and cyberspace. Rethinking technical communication for international environments by Kirk St. Amant & Fillipp Sapienza Reviewed by Stephen H. Brasher Silence and listening as rethorical arts by Cheryl Glenn & Krista Ratcliffe Reviewed by Emily Loader 20 MARLENE ANGELICA SJONSTI-BJØRNSEN BACHELOR MEDIEDESIGN NTNU I GJØVIK

From the Editor’s Desk: Reflections on an Increasingly Long Career Like many of my generation, I entered technical communication through the side door. In the spring of 1976, I was completing a master’s degree in English at Clemson University, and I was fairly certain that my future would be a doctorate in southern literature. I had been accepted into programs at Vanderbilt, Auburn, and the University of Tennessee, each of which had offered me teaching fellowships. I was leaning heavily toward Vanderbilt, a consequence of its seminal history in my field of study (The New Criticism, John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, Donald Davidson, Robert Penn Warren, etc.). One day in early April, I was walking back to married student housing from teaching a morning class in English 102, Clemson’s composition and introduction to literature class at that time, required for all students, and a safe haven for teaching assistants to ply their pedagogical trade. It occurred to me that I did not want to spend my life teaching literature, nor counting homoerotic examples in Mark Twain as my scholarly contribution to the discipline (Fiedler, 1971). I loved literature and even had been awarded Clemson’s best graduate student essay in 1975 for a paper I wrote on Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde (2013), an honor which required the medievalist in the English department to do crash training on me in the pronunciation of Middle English (albeit with a North Carolina accent), since the award recipient was expected to read the paper at a university colloquium. But my experience teaching English 102 led me to realize I was not a very good teacher of literature. I was, however, a good teacher of composition. Moreover, the graduate courses I took in transformational grammar, structural grammar, and rhetorical style were among my favorites. When I arrived home, I pulled out a favorite textbook from the course in structural grammar and style: Styles and Structures, by Charles Kay Smith (1974). I saw that Professor Smith was in the English department at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. I called the university, and they switched me to Professor Smith’s office. He happened to be in, and we talked about my evolving career plans for about an hour. He felt that my interests and their doctoral program in composition and rhetoric would be a good match, so he switched me to the department office. Next, I spoke with the chairperson, and he told me that there was one slot remaining for THE JOURNAL OF TECHNICAL WRITING AND COMMUNICATION TIDSSKRIFT 21

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