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Manual Waver

Manuel completo do controlador Waver

Firmware Ver. 1.0

Firmware Ver. 1.0 Software Ver. 1.0 INDEX PRESETS OPTIONS Presets can be assigned to more than one pump simultaneously by flagging the checkbox of the correspondant name. In addition to regular operation, a preset can also operate INVERTED: by flagging this checkbox, the selected pump will be "mirrored" on the basis of a 50% power line (middle of the vertical Y-AXIS). e.g. A FIXED preset is set to 20%. With INVERTED checkbox flagged the pump will operate to 80%. Each preset is customizable with a different color selectable from the color palette on the right. Once completed the customization of a preset click on SAVE button to apply it on the graph. To delete a preset, click on EDIT and then on DELETE To exit from presets editor click on CLOSE. MANUAL FISH FOOD This button is an easy-to-access manner to bring all the connected pumps at minimum level for the feed operation. It's set for a standard duration of 5 minutes then the unit automatically continues the program. TEST MODE This mode lets you check if the pumps have been set as you desired. By clicking this button the whole 24h program will be reproduced in 5 minutes. After this period the unit automatically continues the program. Doc Rev. 0 Pag. 12/70

Firmware Ver. 1.0 Software Ver. 1.0 INDEX CAPACITIVE TOUCH BUTTON The Waver unit is integrated with a safe capacitive touch button for some operations. By tapping and holding it, the white LED in the center of the units flashes every second. NOTE: It's important to keep the area of the button clean from dust or humidity which could compromise the correct button responsiveness. The next table shows all the functions: TAP & HOLD TIME FUNCTION DESCRIPTION 2 sec FISH FOOD It brings all the connected pumps (including those connected to all Waver Slaves) at minimum level for the feed operation. It's set for a standard duration of 5 minutes then the unit automatically continues the program. To manually exit this mode tap & hold again the capacitive button for 1 second. 6 sec MAINTENANCE Conceived for pumps maintenance. It interrupts the output current on channels without shutting down the whole unit. While this function is active it's possible to unplug the connected devices from the extension cables. This function is operated only on the Waver unit where the capacitive touch button is pressed 20 sec HARD RESET It resets the unit to factory default configuration. User and password are set to: USER: rossmont PASSWORD: waver Every slave connection is interrupted and the wifi connection mode is brought to DIRECT ACCESS. The device IP is set to 3 sec (available only on WAVER SLAVE RF-2CH) SLAVE CONNECTION This function is available only when a MASTER unit is searching for a SLAVE channel to add. When clicking on ADD PRODUCT, the SLAVE search time will last for 15 seconds. Once the registration is completed the SLAVE device will remain linked to MASTER unit. Doc Rev. 0 Pag. 13/70

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