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Manual Waver

Manuel completo do controlador Waver

Firmware Ver. 1.0

Firmware Ver. 1.0 Software Ver. 1.0 INDEX QUICK SETUP 1 – Plug the power cord into wall socket 2 - The system does a fast auto-checkup and the 3 LEDs will pulse. Wait until the central white LED is stable. 3 – With your PC / Tablet / Smartphone Wifi turned on, view the list of available networks. Connect to Waver's Wifi Network Name (e.g. "Rossmont...") 4- Open your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc...) and ensure it is updated with the latest version 5- Go to the address bar and type the following address: 6- Once the login screen appears, type user and password as following: USER: rossmont PASSWORD: waver Once you've completed the login procedure the main screen will appear. Enjoy your new Rossmont Waver NOTE: To hard reset the Waver (in case you lost your user or password), follow steps 1 to 2 then tap and hold the central capacitive button for 20 seconds. IMPORTANT: The complete product maual is included in PDF format under CONFIGURATION -> HELP or it is freely downloadable from under SUPPORT -> DOWNLOAD area section. Doc Rev. 0 Pag. 6/70

Firmware Ver. 1.0 Software Ver. 1.0 INDEX PARTS DESCRIPTION FRONT A. Capacitive touch button B. White LED C. Channels Blue LEDs D. Power supply cable E. Extension cables with socket REAR F. 4x Service screws (Warning: DO NOT try to open or it voids warranty!) G. Device data label H. 4x holes for mounting screw kit (optional accessory) DATA LABEL INFORMATIONS A. Model name B. Product code C. Input voltage (must correspond to your Mains voltage) D. Rated Output voltage (must correspond to the connected device) E. Max total load (maximum power absorption sum of applicable devices) F. Product Serial ID Doc Rev. 0 Pag. 7/70

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