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HADCM3 Pope et al, 2000,

HADCM3 Pope et al, 2000, Gordon et al, 2000. (Hadley Centre OAGCM ) variables: u, v, q, theta, surf press •1960-2099 •LBC: 6/6h (360 day calendar) •flux adjustments and sulphur cycle included Present climate: [all forcing run - antropogenic (greenhouse gases, sulphates, ozone) and natural (solar and volcanic)] •Data domain : 106.875 W a 1.875 W e 78.75 S a 18.75 N •Resolution: dx=3.75o and dy=2.75o •Number of files for LBC= 44640 (31 years) 4

Parameter Perturbations Ice fall speed Large Scale Cloud Critical relative humidity for formation Cloud droplet to rain: conversion rate and threshold Cloud fraction calculation Entrainment rate Intensity of mass flux Convection Shape of cloud (anvils) (*) Cloud water seen by radiation (*) Radiation Ice particle size/shape QUMP ensemble +300 members Slab Ocean Model Cloud overlap assumptions Water vapour continuum absorption (*) Boundary layer Turbulent mixing coefficients: stabilitydependence, neutral mixing length Roughness length over sea: Charnock constant, free convective value Dynamics Diffusion: order and e-folding time Gravity wave drag: surface and trapped lee wave constants Gravity wave drag start level Root depths Land surface processes Forest roughness lengths Surface-canopy coupling CO2 dependence of stomatal conductance (*) Sea ice Albedo dependence on temperature Ocean-ice heat transfer