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Rolf Neubarth Dissertacao Defesa FINAL REVISADO

ABSTRACT The Brazilian

ABSTRACT The Brazilian financial institutions have been pressured by investors to increase their operational efficiency and, consequently, are becoming increasingly dependent on technological platforms, which must always be available, as the resulting operational risk arising from unavailability increases significant financial losses due to the interruption of services or to the inefficiency of operations. Corporate governance, as it encompasses a set of best practices for the development of a company, provides adequate mechanisms and controls to protect operations, employees and return to investors through operational risk management. Creating effective business continuity management allows companies to increase their resilience by indicating methods and tools for strategies during crisis times. Thus, this study aimed to analyze the capacity of financial companies to respond to crisis events and total breakdown in their critical operations, meeting the specific requirements of NBR ISO / IEC 22301. This qualitative and multiple-case study research carried out semi-structured interviews in a sample of five financial institutions, which have a good practice framework for business management and corporate governance, located in the cities of Brasília and São Paulo. We concluded that the resilience level of the Brazilian financial institutions presents a great opportunity for improvement in the maturity level, in relation to operational risk governance and the adoption of best business continuity practices, in order to increase the capacity of resilience in-country. Keywords: Corporate Governance; Risk management; Business Continuity Management; .

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