Revista Mergulha nas palavras n.º 5 - Março-2018-2019


12 Mergulha nas Palavras



On the 31st of October, the school

celebrated one of the most famous

festivities of the British culture,

Halloween. Halloween's origins date back

to 2,000 years ago, when the Celts lived in

the United Kingdom. On All Hallows

Eve - later known as Halloween - people

would light bonfires and wear costumes

to frighten ghosts. Over time, Halloween

evolved into a day of activities like

Trabalhos realizados pelos alunos.

Exposição de trabalhos.

trick-or-treating, carving Jack-O-Lanterns,

putting on costumes and eating sweet

treats. In our school, the day was

celebrated with an exhibition of amazing

posters produced by our students who

poured all their imagination and

creativity into their work!

Professora Sofia Almeida

Noël à l’école

Nos e le ves ont fe te Noe l avec des belles cartes postales qui seront expose es pendant

les comme morations du jour de l’e cole, le mois de juin prochain. En attendant, nous

partageons deux photos de ces beaux cadeaux, pleins de talent et cre ativite .

Alguns trabalhos realizados pelos alunos das professoras Célia Santana e Leonor Alves.

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