Official AstroWorld Comic Book


By: Umair Ahmad

Professor Ditta

TA: Karyanna-Okabe Miyamoto

Travis was very

conscientious about

his work, a major

sign of creative

people. He made

sure everything

was perfect,

Especially since

astroworld was

supposed to be his

long awaited

Yeah man, I know

there's only a few

hours left. I'm just

putting on a few

finishing touches.

Well Trav, I

think we might

be done at this


Yeah seems like it

might be done. Imma

just go over

everything To make

sure though

Time had finally come

for Travis to practice

the ancient arts of

the "Action Theorists",

and drop Astroworld

to the world

Thanks babe. I don't

think I'm done though.

I want more, I wanna

make Astroworld a


want to give people

a whole adventuRe

Oh my god babe! That

was such an amazing

tour, everyone loved

Astroworld. You did

it!! I basically want to

make Astroworld, into a

whole event, with tons

of artists performing,

rides, and a bunch of

other activites planned

for the festival goers.

Well, what does

everyone think? I

feel like this might be

a good idea, bring in a

lot of money too.

I feel like this could

be good for us, make

Astroworld into a

whole Big-C event. Put

it together as a whole


After getting approval to

begin Astroworld Festival,

Travis oversaw and took

part in every aspect of the

project. From overseeing

the construction, to booking

many different artists for

the festival.

Travis finally gets to

rage out with his fans at

his newly created

Astroworld Festival, that

will forever leave a

legacy of him.

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