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No third-party ads

adFREE allows you to stay focused on your own publications. No third-party ads guaranteed and a clear path to your own branding.

30 advanced functions

Besides the advantages of the FREE plan you get a lot more of attractive functions. By including Google Analytics you get important information about your readers and their reading behaviour.

White Label Player

Present your magazines in your corporate design on your homepage and in the fullscreen mode. Hide the Yumpu brand, use your own logo and your own business colors, of course.

No third-party ads
No video advertisements in the magazine

Inside your magazine no third-party ads will be displayed. The attention of the user will stay on the magazine.

No recommendations of third-party magazines

Magazines of foreign users will not be displayed next to your magazines in the player and on the Yumpu magazine page.

No banner ads next to your magazine

Advertisements of third-parties will not be displayed in and next to your magazines. Your publications stay in focus.

Privacy Settings

Yumpu is a brilliant tool to share magazines. But what to do when content is just meant for selected persons? That's what privacy settings are for.

Visibility settings for your magazine


Your magazine is visible for all users.

direct link
Only through direct link

Only persons who possess the link for your magazine can read the magazine.

Password protected
Protected on Yumpu with password protection

Only persons who know the password have access to your magazine.

secret link
Protected on Yumpu with a secret link protection

Similar to "Only through direct link" but with the difference that only the publisher now the right link. Readers will be forwarded via a secret link to the "right" link.

only on my website
Only on my website allowed

The magazine can be embeded on a specific page only. On other pages the magazine is not readable.

Only in my WEBKiosk allowed

The magazine can only be shown on the WEBKiosk of the publisher.

Only in my APPKiosk allowed

The magazine can only be shown on the APPKiosk of the publisher.

APP- and WEBKiosk
Only in my WEBKiosk and APPKiosk allowed

The magazine can be published on the APPKiosk and WEBKiosk of the publisher.

Only me
Only me

Only the publisher of the magazine have access to the magazine when he is logged in on Yumpu.com.

That's how it works:

Watch the video tutorial

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Even more practical functions

Let your readers download or print content of your magazine. Of course controllable too: The social media sharing functions and the display of recommended magazines in fullscreen mode.

more practical functions
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Display in your own corporate design

Presentation in your corporate design

Paint your magazine display in your own colors – on your homepage and in fullscreen. Hide the Yumpu brand, use your own logo and of course your business colors.

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Your success in black and white

Know exactly which content viewers are most interested in by integrating Google Analytics into your documents.

Analyze reading duration, entry and exit pages, traffic sources and time spent on each specific page.

Reporting and analytics
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Always the latest issue

Always up-to-date

Upload new versions of your documents live. No down times, no maintenance screens. Add full version control and things are safe all the times.

Magazine extracts and call to action

Make your readers curious and publish only selected pages. Call to actions are displayed over the protected pages. By clicking them the user has the oppertunity to read the protected page or will be forwarded to a specific page.

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