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Corola de lumini, Nr. 18 (1/2018)

Revistă școlară realizată de elevii Școlii Gimnaziale „Tudor Vladimirescu” din Tg.-Mureș, România.


Corola de lumini Revistă şcolară It is autumn! The wind passes through branches making all their leaves fall down, one by one, turning the ground into a beautiful multicolored carpet. Gray clouds cover the city and darken the blue sky. The birds are leaving for warmer countries and some animals are getting ready for hibernation. Women prepare cans of food for the long winter. School starts and kids meet their classmates and new teachers. Autumn is cold, but beautiful! Bodan Anastasia, VI A One day I was playing in the forest when I heard a crunch. I had stepped on a dry twig. I was surprised to realize that autumn had come! The beautiful colored leaves were covering the ground. The trees were dancing in a rain of floating leaves. The animals were coming to celebrate the pale, yellowish sun. We all started a leaf-fight! fight! I was happy! Bâtă Alexia, VI A Autumn has come. The yellowish leaves fall on the cold ground. The sky slightly darkens, hiding the bright sun. The rain begins, driving away almost all the birds. Forest animals gather their last food before hibernation. Silence encompasses the entire forest, letting only a small gust of wind tear a leaf or two. Around me, everything is still, but I am happy! Echim Marta, VI A Autumn is beautiful, happy and colored. Children make heaps of leaves and jump into them. Birds leave for warmer countries, getting away from the cold winter. Bears get ready for hibernation. The path in the forest is colored. The multi-colored trees and the delicious, aromatic fruit make the forest looks like heaven. This season is fantastic! Ban Mara, VI A Autumn is a very important season for me. The leaves are slowly falling and it looks like a ballet dance: simple but beautiful! The birds are gone… Only a few stay still. The others fly to warmer countries that have been waiting for them all year. The sun is struggling to give warmth and cheat on cold weather. The trees are looking for the longgone summer. I am looking for summer in my mind… Chirilă Lisa, VI A 11

Corola de lumini Revistă şcolară Autumn is my favourite season because of its wonderful colours: burgundy red, brown, yellow and orange with tints of green. Autumn smells tasty, like apples hiding among playful branches. The colourful nature paints masterpieces to delight our eyes and souls. Even the tiny, cold tears of the cloudy sky do not manage to make us sad! Under the weight of the fruit, the trees in the orchard seem to embrace the earth, waiting patiently for the harvesters who are going to release them from their sweet burden, except for the two apple trees in front of my window. They cry, kneeling down, fighting, ready to break their branches, calling me… Suciu Ileana, VI A It is autumn. The leaves of the trees are yellow and dry. Colorful grapes are no longer patient and bustle on the vine. Children help their parents harvest the fruit. The golden, tasty fruit spread their fragrance inside the cellar. Autumn fills their shelves to the full. Housewives make apple, pear and quince jam while their men prepare the grapes juice and the wine. Autumn is delicious! Stan Paul, VI A Altã toamnã De departe, încet, dar vine, Vântul gri pe aripi fine Şi împrăştie deodată Frunza galben colorată. În pădure când ajunge, Toate frunzele le smulge Pământul îl aureşte, Iar pe codru îl răreşte. Ploi mărunte-ncep ncep să cadă, Dealurile sunt pustii, S-au sfârşit de prin ogradă Jocurile de copii. Mărginean Coralia, , VIII B 12

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