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Corola de lumini, Nr. 18 (1/2018)

Revistă școlară realizată de elevii Școlii Gimnaziale „Tudor Vladimirescu” din Tg.-Mureș, România.


Corola de lumini Revistă şcolară Echoes of My Soul much. Hi! My name is Ari and I am generally a happy girl. I like to start my morning with a smile, because it makes my day more beautiful. People know me as a creative, strong and ambitious person who always is a smiley face. Even though I am always happy, sometimes I cry. I think it is normal. I like singing and dancing. The dance hall and the stage are the places where I feel perfect. I feel like floating. This is me. I like to smile at my loved ones. About my family I can say simply “PERFECT”. They always keep my spirits up and love me very Ariana Mureșan, VIII A I have a lot of passions, but downhill is my favourite. For a few minutes, I fell like all my thoughts disappear, I fell like flying, I am in my imaginary world. My heart beats loudly and I love the strong sensations and the adrenaline that rushes through my veins. My bike it s a Cube Aim, a cross country one, it isn’t for downhill but it is not a problem. I treat my bicycle like a person, I talk with it, I clean it and I fix it as I care for it! What do you need for downhill? A mountain bike, good tires, good brakes (for safety), balance and the most important thing – passion! Oh, and some good friends, because it is funnier and you don’t want to be alone in the woods! The forest… In summer it is my second home because I take water and food with me and I spend all day there. I hope that my story convinced you to leave the TV or the PC and set your bike GPS towards the forest path! Bota Eduard, VIII A 31

Corola de lumini Revistă şcolară First of all I want to introduce myself. My name is Ioana Moldovan and I am 15 years old. About my personality I can say that I am an open and honest person. I have a lot of qualities, and one of them is listening to people. I like to listen to their life stories because every story is different in its own way. Some of them are sad, others are happy. When someone tells me something sad I try to put myself in his/her place to get the best idea of what is really happening. When I relate to people it is easier for them open up to me. Sometimes people are not happy with the way they look but this is so stupid. Every human is special and beautiful in his own way. Many times I have to convince them to be content with the way God created them. I had the same problem two years ago, but now I know I am not perfect. I’ve come to accept that. Being perfect is boring, don’t you think? Nobody is perfect except God. To sum up, I think the most important thing in life is to be exactly the way you were created, no matter what others think about you. If you think it is time for a change in your life, well you can do it, not because of them, but because of you and yourself! Accept yourself! “Why do you like writing?”… I get that question a lot. People seem to think that writing is a boring process, something that you only do for your English homework, not a way to spend your free time. For me though, writing is a hobby. People don’t usually take me seriously when I say that I’m a writer, but what is a writer actually? I think a writer is a person who enjoys creating stories and scenarios. You don’t need to publish a book to be a writer, you don’t need to be an adult to be a writer, you just need to have fun making up stories. My New people bucket be hard the So, Year Resolution for 2018 is to write a novel. A lot of say that writing a book should be on everyone’s list and I think that’s very true. Even though it might to stay focused on your project or you might get an author’s block, writing the last word of your story is most satisfying experience. 32 Moldovan Ioana, VIII A if you are thinking about writing a book, go ahead and do it! You’ll never know how talented you are, unless you try it! Kara Medeea Șandru, VIII A

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