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Corola de lumini, Nr. 18 (1/2018)

Revistă școlară realizată de elevii Școlii Gimnaziale „Tudor Vladimirescu” din Tg.-Mureș, România.


Corola de lumini Revistă şcolară My hobby is skiing. I love practicing it and I also watch all ski competitions on TV. A season without skiing for me feels wrecked if I don’t go skiing. Skiing has become my favourite sport because my favourite season is winter. Each year I look forward to going skiing in February. Before the holiday, we always go shopping for skiing item with my family. The first time I went skiing was in Slovakia and I was three years old. But I learned to master the sport in Austria. I like how it feels when I change direction or the speed that I get when I get in a straight line. I like to ski at a lower speed and steer my skis, changing direction often, but I also like to go at maximum speed in a straight line. Up to when I was 10 years old I wanted to become a professional skier because I thought I could ski any time I wanted. I also have an indoor hobby: cooking. I like cooking a lot but I love skiing! Stan Paul, VI A For me, ballet is more than a hobby – it is a passion! It is a way to express myself: my happiness and my sadness, my love and my anger, my fears and my desires. Every time I hear a song, I instinctively start dancing. I communicate through dance! I love to be gracious like a swan and I love to be on the stage. It is a great feeling! When I perform, it feels like flying; it feels like I can do anything to fulfill my dreams. My goal is to become the best Romanian dancer. Next year I will participate in VIBE VIENNA, , a dance competition and festival organized between 26 th -29 th March, 2018, and I hope you will keep the fingers crossed for me! Bodan Anastasia, VI A My favourite make me feel at hobby is dancing but I also like drawing. They ease. When I hear song, I start making my own moves, I get tired and exhausted, I draw. I am a street dancer and I really like this type of dance. I practice it twice a week at a club. Together with a classmate, Alexia, we prepared a moment for the 1 st of December celebration at school. I think it came out ok. I do not take drawing lessons; I do it for pleasure, especially at school. When I do it, it happens because someone or something inspires me, even if it was not intentional. Drawing makes me release tension and express my happiness or my sad feelings! Echim Marta, VI A 33

Corola de lumini Revistă şcolară Ne prezentãm în rime si culoare! Mă pricep la dans hip-hop, Și ascult chiar și Kpop. Am păr blond și ochii verzi Înnebunești dacă mă vezi! Bâtă Alexia, VI A , De balet de mult m-am apucat, Dar de-nvățat nu am uitat! Note bune în carnet s-au înșirat Și competiții de balet am câștigat! Bodan Anastasia, VI A Am părul blond și sunt drăguță, Deși sunt încă prea micuță! Joc și handbal și chiar îmi place Să fac lumea să râdă - știu cum se face! Chirilă Daria, VI A Sunt înaltă și drăguță, Sunt frumoasă și slăbuță. Amuzantă câte-un pic La desen eu mă dedic! Suciu Ilinca, , VI A Halep e modelul meu, Aș juca tenis mereu! Iar la școală – e de bine: Nota 10 e pe linie! Chirilă Lisa Maria, VI A 34

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