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Corola de lumini, Nr. 18 (1/2018)

Revistă școlară realizată de elevii Școlii Gimnaziale „Tudor Vladimirescu” din Tg.-Mureș, România.


Corola de lumini Revistă şcolară The long summer holiday is over. It was beautiful and we had a lot of fun but the truth is that I missed school. I missed my friends, my teachers, even homework and test t a little bit. This year we have new teachers and we’ll have a lot to learn. I hope we’ll get a lot of good grades. I’m so excited and optimistic, although I still think about the long summer holiday and the relaxation. Anyway, I am happy that school started ted and I got to see my classmates! Kardos Noemi, VIII A After a very long summer vacation in which I woke up at one o’clock every day, the first weeks of school were hard for me but I got adapted to this new schedule. I feel very enthusiastic but a bit nervous too about the 8 th grade. It is not going to be the easiest year. With a lot of work and attention in class, I am sure I can keep the pace and be well prepared. I was happy to meet my classmates after three months in which I spent my whole time with my family and some friends from Spain. I was also glad about meeting my teachers. Without them, I would not know all the things I know! I hope to have good grades this year. I want to make my family proud and go to a good high-school! Zurgălău Rareș Andrei, VIII A Vacation is over! September has officially settled in so it is time to be back to school. We have to get up earlier than we used to do in the summer, which can be a problem for some of us. I don’t like school very much but I admit I wanted it to start in order to meet my classmates and my friends. This is a difficult year for me because of the exam. I have to learn hard as I want to do well in the exam. I’ve started school for a month and I am already stressed out. I fear I won’t get the desired grade in the final exam. All my friends are telling me to calm down as everything is going to be fine, but I can’t. I think about the exam every day! Pop Andreea, VIII A When I got back to school this year I thought I entered another world when I got to my classroom. I had a very strange feeling. Everything seemed so new for me and I didn’t know what to do or what to say but I was happy to see my classmates. The next day I felt really good and it seemed like school had started a long time before. Roșca Alex, VIII A 5

Corola de lumini Revistă şcolară Finally, the 8 th grade is here! I want this year to be unforgettable and do all I can. I am very happy to have seen my teachers again and to have met new people. I want the 8 th grade to be the most beautiful year so far. So, I am ready to show the world what I can! Ötvös Roza, VIII A I’m in 8 th grade! We’ve just passed the first month of school full of tests, some easy, others quite difficult, and we survived! I was happy to see my classmates again. For me, the first weeks were relaxing; I had time to hang out with my friends. Now, I don’t have any free time and this really upsets me. But I have good marks so far, as I did every piece of homework required. Some tasks were so long and difficult, but I did them. I had no other choice, as I want to be well prepared. It was worth the effort as I have good marks so far. Overall, I am OK being back to school. Pop Eduard, VIII A This year I am an 8 th grader! It is the hardest and most important year in my school life. I decided to learn much better than last year. I would like to go to the Military High School. My second option would be tourism at Economic. I have high expectations from myself this year, as everybody else in my family but first of all I have to have great will. I really hope with all my heart to get to one of the desired high-schools. Mureșan Darius, VIII A A new school year can be sometimes a challenge for both students and teachers. A new school year means new things, new school subjects, new teachers, new furniture and even en new classmates. Nice little kids who have just started their first school year. There are new lessons and old reviews for the initial testing. My old classmates changed over the summer and they have new tastes, interesting summer stories and even new life styles. Some of my teachers changed, others remained the same. Back to school means new beginnings, new friends and new things to learn. I am looking forward to the 8 th grade for all the new things that are going to happen! Milașcon Adina, VIII A It honestly feels like we started school an eternity ago. I’m already used to waking up early and meeting my classmates every day, and homework isn’t such a big deal anymore. I’m already a bit stressed out because of there exam, but I know I’ll do well. Șandru Kara Medeea, VIII A 6

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