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Technomarket Industrie nr. 61

made in Romania SC AM

made in Romania SC AM GRUP SRL is a private company, founded in 1992. The company is active in metallic constructions field. The main activity is production of welded metallic constructions, with machining of high precision. The company produces parts of recycling machines, of excavators, components for naval industry and for aeronautics industry. We have a real advantage on the market in this field, thanks to a very good report between quality and price of the products and also because of respecting the delivery times, established by the client. Our company has 60 employees and a production area of 5000 sqm. We are specialized in manufacturing big products, from 5 up to 50 tons weight and height from floor to our cranes being 9 m. Our product quality is ensured by integrating quality management system, completed with the requirements of EN ISO 9001‐2008, EN ISO 3834‐2, issued by TUV Germany and EN ISO 14001:2005. In terms of welding, all our welders are certified TUV and for welding procedures under special conditions, we have special certificate, like DIN 18800‐7 Class E. We are producing, also, equipment for offshore platforms with supervising DNV, ABS, and BV. We know that the times changed, but we have new equipments, a young team and the desire to constantly develop and improve in line with market requirements. 42 technomarket – aprilie ‐ mai 2017

made in Romania The New Age of Welded Structures We Trust in New Wave of Technology High Precision and High Quality Production Activities • cutting pieces out of plates, using cutting machines with numeric control • production of welded metallic constructions made of steel and machining on CNC machines with numeric control • sandblasting and painting of machined products, in according with the customer's requirements Technology Our Technological Park consists of the following equipments: ROBOT SYSTEM for welding(IGM) with X‐ 10m and Y‐ 3m Bohrwerk CNC Heidenhein 530 I X ‐ 12000 mm, Y ‐ 3000 mm, Z ‐ 900 mm MRD 3000 x 3000 with 60 to lift the table Bohrwerk CNC Heidenhein 530 I X = 9000 mm, Y = Z = 4000 mm and 2000 mm Bohrwerk CNC Heidenhein 430 X = 2000 mm, Y = 2000 mm and Z = 1600 mm Welding MIG‐MAG Radial drilling machine (RABOMA) Universal machines: mills, lathes Overhead cranes with capacity up to 50 tons Sandblasting Station SA 2.5 according to European standards Painting Room(spray booth and air less) L ‐ 9000mm, L ‐ 6000 and H ‐ 5000 mm Oxi CNC gas cutting machine Your Specialist in Heavy Welded Structures and Heavy Mechanical Work aprilie ‐ mai 2017 – technomarket 43

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